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iPinYou: A Key Driver of Programmatic Buying and Big Data Industry in China

Grace Huang, Founder & CEO

Technology has delivered significant transformations in terms of productivity and communication in the past decade. From enabling businesses to reach out to their consumers in the most efficient manner to providing them the capability to deal with the changing market requirements, it has lead significant developments. In the last few years, organizations have started to leverage technology for their everyday operations. Businesses are trying their hands on almost everything and the technology consulting organizations are the biggest aides for them. These are the technology experts who connect businesses with their consumers leveraging technology and help them stay at the forefront. One such technology enabler with a glorious history of making the best use of internet, advertising and big data is iPinYou, a China based internet advertising technology company.

iPinYou found its way into the internet advertising technology space in 2008 with the vision to bring brands and consumers together. The company follows the vision of connecting people and information wisely by driving advertising industry reform through technical innovation. “We have been following our vision for over eight years and the market has been changing but the idea of leveraging big data and internet technology to enable a better digital industry is still there,” emphasises Grace Huang, Founder & CEO, and iPinYou. The company helps advertisers reach out to their customers in the most effective manner hrough its extensive service and product portfolio.

iPinYou offers advertisers the components of programmatic advertising to address the challenges that they often need to confront in terms of fragmentation of media consumption and relevancy of advertising content.
To help mitigate these challenges, iPinYou provides RTB (real time biding), PDB (Programmatic Direct Buying), and advertising along with DMP (Data Management Platform) solutions. Through PDB, it enables advertisers to buy guaranteed premium media inventories to go ahead with their advertising plans. Further, with its data management platform, it has been delivering great impact to the brands that have been willing to manage data and come up with better big data capacity. iPinYou has also introduced leading big data research methods in the field of advertising technology and has independently developed Optimus™ system. It’s China's first intelligent advertising optimization platform based on massive data. It supports programmatic ad buying on mobile, video and PC banner as well as cross-screen of these three and helps advertisers to access the right impressions by inserting details such as business objective, budget, targets into it. It helps automating the work that was previously done manually. The business transformation is significant for the whole digital advertising and this system is helping the cause.

iPinYou follows the vision of connecting people and information wisely by driving advertising industry reform through technical innovation

With its technical proficiency, huge advertising inventories and access to a massive data base, iPinYou nowadays owns 59.8 percent market share of China’s brand programmatic advertising and awarded as best programmatic buying platform by Google Double Click, Baidu and Tencent. The organization at present operates as a pioneer of programmatic advertising and the driver of big data industry in China. In the future too, the company aims to maintain its focus on its vision to connect advertising with human wisdom. Detailing the company’s focus areas for future, Grace adds, “We will be setting up an office in APAC so that we focus on cross border targeting. By doing so, we hope to become a key enabler for any foreign brand to enter China.”