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50 Most Promising Big Data Solutions Providers

KNOWESIS: Real Time Contextual Marketing for Telecommunication Industry

In the rapidly changing business environment, contextual marketing has become imperative for enterprises that aspire for an effective marketing strategy. Since the traditional campaign platforms lack the ability to be contextual, enterprises are leveraging streaming analytics technologies to profile customers in real time. Two approaches can be taken to achieve contextual marketing: 1) complement existing campaign management platforms or 2) implement a new standalone solution for which both approaches have their pros and cons.

This is where Knowesis, a big data analytics company, excels by optimizing big data streaming and in memory technologies. Right from the inception, the company has been focused on delivering real time analysis, insight and action for communications service providers (CSPs) and financial services enterprises. “To be contextual we focused on connecting directly to data sources and using streaming analytics to maintain live customer profile states which are used as the basis for all offer or action decisions whether they are push or inbound campaigns,” says Mark Radford, CEO, Knowesis.

By designing quality driven applications such as Knowesis sift, the company helps clients to provide a better market experience for their customers. Through this platform clients can obtain benefits including real time continuous customer profiling and state management, real time context rich event triggers, real time offer decisioning and actions. With industry experts working on all areas related to telecommunications, Knowesis develops quality driven applications which ensure both agility and cost effectiveness. For the development of these scalable yet cost effective applications, Knowesis seeks the support of NBA/NBO which helps them build an appropriate framework for their applications. With its ability to evolve as one stop solution for telecommunication industry, Knowesis analyses business objectives meticulously and aids its clients with reliable yet scalable platform to procure a competitive advantage in the market.
As a recognized big data solution provider, the company’s core competency lies on real-time contextual marketing. While the other big data solution provider’s only focus on the delivery of software solution, Knowesis guides its clients from ideation, pre- analysis, design, execution and ongoing optimization. Apart from theses customized services, the company also focuses on providing managed services, turnkey integration, Enterprise marketing management, geo- fencing application, behavioural event application, live – visualization application, and data monetization.

“As a recognized big data solution provider, KNOWESIS core competency lies on real-time contextual marketing”

Within a short period of time, Knowesis has achieved several milestones including global agreement with IBM, Red hiring Asia’s 100 winner and many more. Many notable organizations have chosen Knowesis to improve their business outcomes and to evolve with the ever changing business environment. “Our journey started by believing there was demand to move from traditional database enabled marketing to real time profiling/analytics and contextual marketing” explains Mark Radford, CEO, Knowesis. From the perceptive of delivering a solution rather than just technology, the company comprehends the needs of clients and endeavours to provide solutions which suit customer requirements. This has helped Knowesis evolve as one of the renowned organizations in the APAC market. In the coming years, the company intends to increase its deliverability rates by 40-50% as well as response rates/take up by 3-4x. Besides, the Company plans to increase its fulfilment success rates – the number of people that try to take and offer, and get successfully fulfilled—by 30-50% via eliminating the live number of failed attempts due to insufficient balance or package class conflicts. By expanding their services in other industry verticals as well as to other geographical regions, Knowesis foresees to increase its customer experience from more relevant messages being sent that are contextually relevant to the individual.