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50 Most Promising Big Data Solutions Providers

Kogentix: Creating Business Results and Competitive Advantage

Boyd Davis, CEO

Ground-breaking innovations have a great influence on global business. Innovations around data have changed the paradigm of corporate structure and strategy and has have encouraged entrepreneurs to dream for a smarter tomorrow. The shift toward data applications and services enables technology experts to make a mark with their incredible creations and innovations that help enterprises compete with smarter technologies. The opportunity to impact business with new technology led, Boyd Davis, Krishna Nimmagadda, Jai Malhotra, Sanjay Gogia to form Kogentix in 2015. “We believed that the combination of open source big data, cloud computing, advanced machine learning algorithms and the increasing convergence of the physical and digital world would create huge opportunities around artificial intelligence. We felt our background in big data, data science and enterprise applications puts us in a unique opportunity to help customers capitalize on this opportunity,” says Boyd, CEO and Co-founder, Kogentix.

“Our customers are usually IT organizations or data science teams with increasing demands from their line of business partners. They face challenges while helping their organizations utilize advanced technology for creating business results and competitive advantage,” explains Sanjay, COO. Their customers are also constrained on resources and some times lack the depth of expertise in new technology domains. In addition, customers need to integrate the new technology with established platforms and requirements such as security and governance. Working with clients, Kogentix strives to accelerate the delivery of high business impact applications and solutions. “Both data engineering and data science capabilities are critical.

One without the other limits the potential of a data-driven application or service,” defines Jai, the CTO. Adding to it, he also says, “One of the most exciting areas we work on with customers is the creation of new data products or services by helping our customers expand their business model to compete in the digital age.
”Kogentix also works to help clients drive increased revenue in their core business by driving actionable insights from the data platform to applications such as sales automation. By utilising these services, its customers reduce the cost either in their supply chain or in their IT operations.

“Kogentix strives to accelerate the delivery of high business impact applications and solutions”

“One of our key differentiators in the market is our combination of talent. We have deep expertise in the data platform and data engineering domain as well as in data science and machine learning,” says Krishna, the President. The combination of these skills enables Kogentix to architect and implement solutions that can quickly demonstrate results. The organisation has anchored on open source big data as a foundation. It is lean, highly technical and brings both expertise as well as reference solutions and tools to help its customers succeed.

Kogentix’s delivery capabilities have always been global and its customer base is expanding from the United States to South East Asia. It also expects that its growth within and across geographic regions will continue for a long term. The potential for Artificial Intelligence (AI)solutions is still enormous and untapped by too many organizations. In addition to a breadth of professional services, Kogentix is also delivering analytics software products to help its customers innovate faster. Software products will be another source of rapid growth for the company, and help them achieve their vision of bringing practical AI fuelled by big data to customers around the world..