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50 Most Promising Big Data Solutions Providers

LnData: Enabling Smarter Digital Marketing Decision Making

Jay Cheng, Jason Chiang, David Sher, Rick Chen, co-founders

The growing complexities in today’s business landscape have prompted enterprises to incorporate a big data strategy in their organization. While this advanced technology is mainly used for the collection and management of data, its ability to analyze the market dynamics and the changing user behaviour is often not leveraged to its full potential. In fact, finding a reliable big data solution provider who can help to obtain relevant marketing strategies has become the significant needs for today’s business world. This is where LnData comes in. By providing third-party measurement tools and cross screen research platforms, LnData helps brands to validate whether their ads are communicating effectively.

Right from the inception, LnData has been helping companies to garner valuable insights for their respective campaigns. Since business metrics such as KPI (Key Performance Indicator) play an integral role in evaluating the performance of a campaign, LnData provides customized KPI tools such as OTV view ability, Video Ads conversion rate, reach and frequency prediction during campaign, or extract viewers’ demographics, and cross screenTA mapping. In addition, the company ensures appropriate media placement for particular brand and strategically positions their content in front of the target audience. “Often strict demographic requirements are applied to brand campaigns and our measurement tools help client to measure the number of impressions that were served to the audience defined for the campaign,” explains Jay Cheng, Founder, LnData.

As an independent third party service provider, LnData provides customized products such as Ln{TRACK}, Ln{SITE}, Ln{QnA}and Ln{CSR}. Through the Ln{TRACK} platform, the company helps its clients to evaluate the effectiveness of mobile digital advertising, various models, LBS ( mobile location – based services )and Internet mode.
Being an established IT service provider in Taiwan, LnData provides advance big data and cloud computing capabilities all into its SaaS solutions. By enhancing the decision making of clients in digital marketing, LnData enables clients to optimize the valuable marketing resources and precisely maps each step of marketing strategy. With its ability to connect brands, media, media agencies, and consumers, the company has served some valuable clients from various verticals.

LnData helps brands to validate whether their ads are communicating effectively

While cost effective customized products are the company’s core competence, what really differentiates LnData from its competitors is the third – party cross screen measurement platform that offers to clients. In order to remain competitive with the ever changing business environment, the company invests in research and development and endeavours to communicate with consumers through Taiwan social forums. “Understand which topics are generating interest and relation to campaign site or video Ads, where the most influential conversations are happening — then use that information to refine better marketing decisions,” says Jay. The company also provides Ln{Social}, a customized product which helps clients to monitor the consumer sentiment to stay ahead of potential crises and evaluate new product and service offerings. In the coming years, the company intends to combine first-, second- and third-party data sets into one integrated data lake, allowing marketers to have a holistic view of the customer conversion process.