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50 Most Promising Big Data Solutions Providers

Sciente Consulting: Delighting through Value Innovation

Jit Nagpal, Founder

The Internet of things (IoT) is today transforming the way businesses communicate and mankind functions. Given the enormous influx of data from applications as well as social media, voice, email and more, there has been a steep rise in the volume, velocity and complexity of data. As a result, organizations often encounter challenges in data management and data analytics. Harnessing big data analytics allows enterprises to uncover crucial insights from available data, increases operational efficiency and optimizes the cost of conducting business. With over two decades in the industry, Jit Nagpal fore saw that the rapid advancement of technology would lead to a need for several new types of expertise coupled with industry sector and domain knowledge, and the ability to handle an enormity of data. He focused on the need to deliver “Value Innovation”, a term he uses to describe the need for customers to have the value of new solutions at the right quality and at the right time, but at an affordable cost. Jit also believed that efforts were required to help IT and analytics professionals stay sharp, and to support the communities that they came from. With this disruptively unique vision he founded Sciente, a hybrid group of companies that serves its customers, IT professionals, and the community in general. One of these companies is Sciente Consulting Pte Ltd., which offers actionable insights and competitive edge through a set of offerings that span Business Analytics, Business IT Strategy & Solutions Implementation, Business Analysis & Project Management, Change Management, Complex Package Integration & Modernization, Business Application Management and Technology Optimization solutions.

Based in Singapore, the services offered by the company include cyber security and business technology consulting, although business analytics is its primary focus domain. Jit says, “We believe that every solution must be aimed at matching the business closely with the customer’s need, improving operational efficiencies, or managing risk.
”Working closely with its clients, the company optimizes the design and operation of the core IT assets, including the value management of software applications and IT infrastructure, to attain better business technology integration. Mario Lewis, Sr. VP. - Consulting Practice says, “One of the most important success factors in arriving at the right solutions is to be able to understand the clients’ problems from a business domain as well as technology perspective, and that is where we make the biggest impact”..

Sciente Consulting has earned huge profits and revenue in the business analytics space and now plans to focus on further growth”

By providing actionable insights using agile methods of management, support for proof of concept, process mapping and improvement, business solution analysis and evaluation and the company established itself firmly in the business technology consulting space. Sciente Consulting has worked with several MNCs and large organizations across various industries such as banking, financial institutions, insurance and telecommunication to address their business and technology integration challenges. Sciente Consulting has earned huge profits and revenue in the business analytics space, and now plans to focus on further growth. Drawing an end to the conversation, Jit says, “Our motto is to serve and make our customers delight by bringing technology, business and analytics together, and that generates profits to sponsor the meaningful mission of community delight.”