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Yoyi Digital: Defining the Marketing Landscape with Programmatic Buying Platform

Roy Zhou, CEO

Long gone are the golden days of print marketing. Today, as the mobile and social media advertising occupies a major share of the industry, data has become an integral driver for effective outreach. Such rapid influx of data influences the advertising content and distribution channels to be increasingly diversified, leaving advertisers ponderon how to integrate the valuable data so as to guide the ad’s. Realizing the very fact that marketing is vital for helping brands better resonate with consumers, Roy Zhou, CEO, incepted Yoyi Digital in 2007 to present data and technology in a much smarter, understandable and relatable way. Being the first DSP and the leading platform in multi-screen programmatic buying in China, Yoyi Digital by leveraging its data and technology is spearheading the transformation of display ads from media buying to audience buying.

To deliver personalized performance marketing solutions, Yoyi Digital's unified cross-screen programmatic buying platform takes advantage of both data and technology to integrate the programmatic theater, connected TV, LED screens, outdoor billboards, VR and other channels on the foundation of core channels such as PC, mobile, social networking and video to build a more complete programmatic buying ecosystem. Roy Zhou, believes, “The core nature of our programmatic buying is connectivity— bringing together businesses and consumers— by utilizing big data to build a new ecosystem for advertising and eliminating barriers between screens and devices.” Having deep understanding of clients need, utmost service capability as well as innovative and unique DSP + DMP performance marketing solution, the Company connects invariably with top brands/suppliers to the enormous Chinese consumers.

By deploying Yoyi DataBank, which is a data management platform, and Yoyi Plus, a programmatic buying platform, brands can accurately reach out to their target audiences in a timely manner while allowing advertisers to better understand their audiences. Its core competency lies in its performance marketing that rest on three key areas: the team, technology and data.
Company’s leadership and core team mainly come from GBAT (Google, Baidu, Alibaba and Tencent) who have grounded experiences in sophisticated technology, big data and performance marketing. Secondly, YoyiDigital invests heavily on technology and data. And, lastly Company’s such deep focus on technology and data enables it to deliver better results than other available platforms. Besides, its customized performance marketing solution is backed by sophisticated technologies including machine learning, dynamic creative,product recommendation,target audience tracking,and anti-spam that further improves client’s performance.

YoyiDigital’s core competency lies in its performance marketing that rest on three key areas: the team, technology and data

Formed in 2007, the Company as of now has worked with several leading clients like Unilever, Audi, Shell, JDB, Toyota, Bank of Communication, Haier, Lenovo, China Mobile and China Unicom, as well won many coveted award along the years. While in 2014, it launched DataBank, China's first real-time data management platform, which helps advertisers collect, analyze and manage first-party data, the Company in 2015 developed a new concept of programmatic buying plus that builds a more complete programmatic buying ecosystem. Additionally, in 2012, YoyiDigital has helped Volvo to launch the first DSP advertising in China. Never the less, in this financial year, it has officially announced the launch of a strategic partnership with Wasu Digital TV Media Group, as well as, released the 1st China Programmatic TV Buying Trends Report. As there lays no doubt that Programmatic Buying in future will create new trends in digital marketing space, YoyiDigital continues to build far more meaningful and impactful business solutions’.