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Adjuno: LIBERTY, A New Wave in Product Lifecycle Management

Duncan Grewcock, Chief Operating Officer

Innovation is paramount for any enterprise. But pursuing an innovative idea to its utmost potential demands an environment that emphasizes collaboration. Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) solutions come in handy here. It is an integrated business solution that effectively tracks and manages a products life-cycle, right from idea generation through design and manufacturing, to movement of product,final delivery and sales. Given the increasingly competitive retail environment and need to develop products cost effectively and quickly, collaborative PLM software is in increasing demand. Leveraging this market opportunity, Adjuno is a global software company specialized in sourcing, PLM and supply chain solutions. It builds, develops, delivers and supports an end-to-end suite of configurable and scalable software products within a single united cloud platform. Operating from its APAC headquarter in Hong Kong, in addition to its UK office, the company manages customers’ extended supply chain process from product concept through to cash.

Duncan Grewcock, Chief Operating Officer (APAC), Adjuno says, “We are proud of our strength in the retail sector, and our PLM solution Liberty is one of the central pillars of our product offering.” Liberty helps Adjuno’s customers source, develop, purchase and ship products whilst reducing their overall lead times and costs. The solution supports all PLM activities including planning, design, briefing, quoting, sample management, factory audits, new SKU creation, ordering, product inspections, shipments, and delivery. It manages data by providing a single version of truth and enhancing real-time sourcing and supply chain visibility. In addition, the Liberty tracking model sends alerts to customers in order to manage their processes and ensures that activities are completed on time. This cloud based portal enables closer collaboration with suppliers and improves speed to market. Adjuno’s sophisticated Business Intelligence offers instant KPI’s in the form of interactive graphs and charts to reveal the story within customer’s data.

Abiding by its name, which in Latin translates to ‘Unite’; Adjuno is the culmination of two complimentary software partners – ediTRACK and CS Solutions. In addition to increased global scale, the merger has allowed both entities to benefit from a shared product development roadmap, closer collaboration in marketing, sales and delivery, and increased resources.
Adjuno’s PLM software also offers additional advantages like building libraries of products and data, cloud-based vendor portal and supporting ethical and CSR targets. The company’s enormous support has till date helped clients such as Myer, Sainsbury’s, Bunnings, Rebel Sports, Kathmandu, Marks & Spencer, New Look, ASOS and John Lewis among others. A testament of the company’s successful association with its clients is what John Amm, GM Global Sourcing, Myer, has to say about their experience of working with Adjuno. “We have found them to be an excellent business partner. Through the implementation of their supply chain and sourcing software they have more than proven themselves in giving us a product that functions the way we need. LIMA has been a fantastic supply chain visibility tool, calculating real accurate landed cost position throughout the order lifecycle. The LIBERTY software matches our product sourcing business needs perfectly. The PLM systems I’ve previously used often bring lots of issues through implementation, but Adjuno managed this and I am a highly satisfied user.”

Adjuno’s sophisticated Business Intelligence offers instant KPI’s in the form of interactive graphs and charts to reveal the story within customer’s data.

Adjuno today operates across Australasia, South Africa, North America and Northern Europe, through a combination of direct resource and partnerships. Adjuno has a comprehensive roadmap to develop new technologies,enhance product offerings and overall service to its customers.By investing significantly in new resources, Adjuno aims to attain its five-year growth target —a step that would create a substantial impression in the industry.