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PISX: Winning Markets through Latest Product Development Management Technology Platform

Eric Lin, Director

Bringing a new product to the market, making it a success and sustaining it for a long period are all the crucial stages of product development. Businesses working in product development are often surrounded with certain challenges pertaining to product lifecycle. In some cases, the communication process between product stakeholders: principally marketing, engineering, manufacturing and field service causes trouble. While in some instances, challenges related to cross-business processes, supply chain and enterprise efficiency occur. Therefore it is vital for businesses indulging in product development to lay emphasis on all the stages of product lifecycle.

Product lifecycle management is an approach that deals with a product from its inception to eventual disposal. And, in the process, system integration remains a major element that makes this approach work for businesses allowing them to integrate project lifecycle management into their operations. Decades back, numerous China based manufacturing businesses identified this need for localized system integration services. They were on a constant lookout for a SI provider with skills equivalent to the multi-national consulting firms when PISX, a Shanghai based company stepped in with appropriate solutions.

PISX has been in the industry for over a decade and offers an Integrated Product Development Platform. The company assists and guides its clients to integrate latest product development management technology platform into their enterprise information technology systems. PISX aids its clients by providing comprehensive, integrated and efficient product lifecycle management solutions. CAD remains another major segment that PISX excels at. The company brings expertise in a variety of CAD software systems including PTC, a widely employed suite of product design software. Detailing its significance, Eric Lin, President, PISX recounts, “PISX has the legacy of being the first entry and, without question, it is still leading the way in parametric 3 dimensional CAD in the market place in the last 30 years.”
Additionally, the company provides Application Lifecycle Management (ALM), Supply Chain Management (SCM) and Service Lifecycle Management (SLM) services. The company also has partnership with ANSYS and Siemens PLM Software to provide simulation and Manufacturing Execution System (MES) solutions.

PISX has an impressive track record of delivering remarkable projects that have enabled it to demonstrate great success across markets

With its technological capabilities, an adept team and extensive service portfolio, PISX has been serving a vast client base across Automobile, Industrial Equipment, Medical Devices, Electronics and High Tech industries among others. Ever since the beginning, the PISX team has been dedicated towards mitigating its clients’ challenges pertaining to implementation of IT technologies. “Companies have different views around IT technologies; they all see costs, risk, changes, and gains differently and their expectation also varies widely. Our role is to guide and provide the best in class solution platform and best optimization to fit into their goals,” adds Eric. The company has an impressive track record of delivering remarkable projects that have enabled it to demonstrate great success across markets. In a span of 13 years, the company has carved a vast client base across China and other parts of Asia, serving over 800 companies.

PISX has always made sure to align its solutions with latest available technologies.In the years to come, the PISX team considers to hold on to it as a major focus area. “There are new technologies introduced every day that change how people see the world and how they interact with everything around them. Our goal is to keep our clients be best on meeting these changes and demands,” concludes Eric.