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25 Most Promising Big Data Solution Providers - 2015

Businessminds : Helping Clients Add Value To Business through Big Data Expertise

Big data is no longer a buzzword and has today become a business necessity. However, often organizations invest sky-scraping amounts in elaborate tool sets for Big Data with little or no positive return as there has been little or no understanding of the particular business goals behind the expenditure. In order to assist organizations to use their data/big data to add value to their business a group of Analytics/Business Intelligence professionals came together to found BusinessMinds. Headquartered in Sydney, Australia, the company adopts a practical and business focused approach to big data. Clients can identify, plan, select, develop, implement and take actions based on BusinessMinds’ analytics and data solutions.

BusinessMinds today is the culmination of a merger between Australia based Prophet Analytics and Denmark originated BusinessMinds. Since 1998, the company has acted as a bridge between business problems and data and analytic solutions to help clients identify areas where the most value can be achieved with the least expense and effort. “Then by working with our clients’ existing data and toolsets and clearly defining business goals -working with initially small PoCs we can assist businesses to leverage their data assets for business value. Once they can make sense of the data sets in smaller proven cases, larger iterations – and their value – become clear,” explains Laura Prophet, Director, BusinessMinds.

The company has adopted unique Natural Language Processing techniques which allow clients to comprehend the accurate significance of text-based, local language data already existing in their organization e.g. emails, call-centre transcripts or conversations that are held with customers.

The organization also helps companiesto establish increased business value by using advanced analytics and big data processes such as embedded predictive models and automated decision making to enhance Process Performance and Process Management.
BusinessMinds assists businesses in the initiation of BI and analytics strategies which allows them to align all stakeholders on one agile roadmap for common end goals to achieve business objectives. Having this strategic alignment across the business from the outset results in all business units being supportive of initiatives, avoids duplication, and reduces the ‘silo effect’ or lack of understanding between departments. Discussing how BusinessMinds’ services benefit their clients, Laura says, “We know exploring the data you have will lead to the discovery of patterns and new insights you previously didn't know, such as new customer segments, customer behaviours, predictors of churn, and root causes for inflated bottom line costs. We are here to help you not only to find those patterns but also take the appropriate action to address them to add value.”

Businessminds has acted as a bridge between business problems and data and analytic solutions to help clients identify areas where the most value can be achieved

When considering the inimitable and unique features of the company, BusinessMinds know their undivided attention to business value, best in class consultants and services, and their vendor independent nature make them distinctive in the market. Elaborating on their vendor independent nature, Laura adds, “We do not align ourselves with particular toolsets so we can work with our clients’ existing data sets and tools to gain the best value from the data you already have without the need for additional technology investment.”

BusinessMinds plans to widen their range of applications related to Big Data and Advanced Analytics such as cyber security, fraud Detection, just-in-time inventory and mobile management.