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25 Most Promising Big Data Solution Providers - 2015

Holmusk: HealthCare Solutions by Leveraging Big Data

Holmusk is a pioneering big data and digital health company focused on addressing the growing epidemic of chronic diseases.
Today, patients generate a huge amount of health data. Unfortunately, most of this data is very under-utilized. With the advent of fitness trackers, wearables and smart phones, various behavioral and biometric data can now be better measured. Such data used to be difficult and near-impossible to obtain accurately, but can provide important insights into an individual’s health status.
Combining these new data sets with the existing science of clinical medicine and traditional healthcare data will catalyze the understanding of relationships between human biology and chronic disease. This will be a key enabler of better clinical decision making and truly personalized healthcare – resulting in better outcomes and lower costs.
Holmusk integrates diverse and abundant health data to create powerful predictive algorithms to offer actionable insights for personalized care and population health management. Holmusk also develops innovative, scalable and cost-effective digital disease management programs, combining cutting-edge clinical research, technology and design to help patients improve their health.
Headquartered in Singapore, Holmusk started out of a coffee shop in Robertson Quay. Within 3 months the team quickly expanded from 2 to 25 people and moved into an office space. Hiring top talent is the key focus for the company. By sourcing the right candidates, and a rigorous interview process, the company has successfully built its tech, data, health, product and operations teams. Holmusk values nimbleness and interdisciplinary collaboration to create products to serve its users, clients and partners.
Among the company’s early successes is winning a CrowdANALYTIX competition to accurately predict exacerbations in patients with COPD. This algorithm is now being adapted to create solutions for COPD and other disease prediction models for clients. It is part of IBM Global Entrepreneur Program. In August 2015, Holmusk announced a collaboration with Duke-NUS Graduate Medical School Singapore to further the potential of big data in healthcare. This focuses on addressing ways to improve care management in diabetes and mental health. Holmusk is also in the process of partnering with leading multinational companies.
Holmusk will soon be launching its diabetes management program that engages and supports the diabetic patient in taking control of their condition. Diabetes is a unique chronic disease in which the decisions most affecting the health of patients are made by the patients themselves, every day. This telehealth program is built on a strong foundation of evidence-based medical science, and is powered by big data analytics and data-driven algorithms. It provides real-time motivational, behavioral and educational coaching to help patients self-manage their diabetes in a better way. Holmusk is also building a customizable analytics platform offering clients dashboards, real-time visualization and powerful predictive analytics. The company will expand its footprint in other parts of Asia, USA and the Middle East.

Holmusk develops innovative, scalable and cost-effective digital disease management programs, combining cutting-edge clinical research, technology and design

Mr Nawal Roy, the founder and CEO of Holmusk, has a background in finance. With over 15 years experience he has observed how finance and other industries have harnessed big data and predictive analytics to make better decisions and solve complex problems.
Nawal believes that the healthcare industry is at the cusp of a big data revolution. This revolution has the potential to transform healthcare for better decisions and outcomes. That’s the goal that motivates him and his team each day.