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25 Most Promising Big Data Solution Providers - 2015

PALAMIR: Transforming Businesses with Big Data

In an information technology (IT) driven world, we as a society create vast amounts of data every day. Big Data can enable us to make informed decisions. For businesses, it can optimize operations, deepen customer engagement, prevent threats and fraud, and capitalize on new sources of revenue. Based in Australia, PALAMIR is a big data analytics firm, which provides customized and specialized software to validate, collaborate and analyze data that helps to build creative insights for the enterprises.

The company provides actionable insights from huge amounts of data that fulfill the predetermined goals of its clients

Being a one-stop-shop to collect and analyze abundant quantity of data, the company provides actionable insights from huge amounts of data that fulfill the pre-determined goals of its clients.
The company’s array of services includes Real-Time Access, Operational Data Bank, A Common Portal, Operational Dashboards and Standard Reports.
The iSTREAM Technology used by the organization is applied for a range of applications such as integrating into the Mobile Platform, CRM Systems or some other in house system. In addition, the PALAMIR big data engine uses DATA SHREDDING Technology for cleansing, shredding, formulating and analyzing the data. PALAMIR’s systems support diversified set of data organized in structured, unstructured and relational models. Depending on the requirements of the customers, the company uses its system resources present onsite as well as in the cloud. So far, the easy to use and intuitive user interface deployed by the company has added value to the decision makers, business executives, Govt. agencies, doctors, scientists, advisers, CIO, and business leaders of various multi-national companies.