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25 Most Promising Big Data Solution Providers - 2015

Qrious: Transforming Information into Actionable Insights

The convergence of various trends such as smartphone penetration, digitization of traditional services such as TV, increased use of social are culminating into an explosion of data. However, data alone does not create value. It is imperative to utilize this data to turn it into insights to drive operational efficiencies, improved customer experience and new products/services. Helping organizations optimize their data to make business decisions is Qrious, a specialist big data and data analytics company. The company that works with clients from various verticals such as Telecommunications, Media, Transport, Tourism, Retail, Health, Local and Central Government was created out of Spark Ventures; a growth business unit for Spark NZ the leading Telecommunications and Media company in NZ.
Founded in 2014, the company today provides a unique proposition by combining three key pieces of capabilities; a high performance platform, a portfolio of valuable datasets and a team of expert data scientist. “By combining these capabilities we can provide highly targeted marketing for a Telecommunications company or better health outcomes for patients at a hospital, for example,” adds Ed Hyde, CEO, Qrious.
The company provides a private cloud platform service with the capability to implement quickly, harden and operationalize data and insights solutions for its customers. Qrious uses EMC storage, Cisco compute and a mixture of Pivotal HAWQ, Hadoop and Greenplum data services.
“For presentation we use a combination of R, R Studio and Tableau. For exposure into other software we use Apigee as our API partner,” further explains Ed.Over the next 12 months the organization plans to adopt a hybrid cloud (Private and Public) approach which will allow the team to dial in the right profile of scalability, cost, latency, security and data sovereignty. The forward looking company is also tackling the issue of data security. Qrious has invested significant resources into platform security, and the people and process elements that wrap around its services.
The company also taps into Spark NZ’s security team for design review and employs the services of a couple of external security businesses for assistance and penetration testing. “That is one of the benefits of having a well-funded and mature parent in Spark. It allows us to leverage the capability and partnerships that independent start-ups would often struggle to achieve,” adds Ed.
In an industry where finding and retaining the right talent is an uphill battle, Qrious has been able to build a talented workforce that has taken the company’s success higher several notches. The company’s data scientists are always researching and experimenting with new technologies asits their passion. This works well for the organization as well since it helps them stay ahead of the technology curve and attract talent.

Qrious has invested significant resources into platform security, and the people and process elements that wrap around its services.

In a short span of time the company has created a commendable presence in the market. In the years to come, Qrious aims to become the leading data and analytics businesses in NZ and then earn the right to expand geographically. Their key targetis to increase revenue, customer numbers, industry sector expertise and productisation.