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25 Most Promising Big Data Solution Providers - 2015

Voice of Bigdata: A Comprehensive Approach to Big Data Analytics

In today’s IT environment, the best technologies that can get much quicker results are in high demand. With big data increasing its importance each day, the emergence of modern analytical approaches has led to the formation of various technologies aimed at improving business performance. However, for companies to adopt big data technologies successfully, the need is of a trusted partner that can facilitate data preparation tools to solve information overload challenges. Voice of big data, is one such company helping organizations through its optimized and sustainable solutions to simplify their big data issues. The enterprise solutions from Voice of Bigdata include big data Exploration, getting a 360 degree view
of the customer, security & intelligence,operational analytics and data warehouse augmentation.
The company also offers services divided into four main units, which are Crunch Big data, Analyze Big Data, Visualize Big data and Consultancy services. Armed with a strong team, Voice of Bigdata delivers clients a robust analytical platform to deal with structured and unstructured data. Voice of Bigdata, headed by Srinivas Kishan Anapu, CEO & Co-founder is currently an acknowledged name in the big data analytics industry. As a top industry leader, he has served clients in over 15 countries. With offices in the U.S., U.K, Australia and India, the company is already a well- established big data solutions providing firm. It has also developed its own innovative range of products to help customers and technology experts. Going forward, the company is confident to deliver its mission of helping industry leaders open up the 3rd dimension to visualize the company’s data.