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INP Computer Technology: Addressing Technical Challenges with Cloud Computing Technology Solutions

Innovative new age technologies often impact the market substantially, and therefore, transform the way an industry operates. Cloud computing is one such technology that has completely revolutionized the way global businesses function as it can bring in operational flexibility as well as production scalability. Therefore, the need for cloud solutions has increased manifolds which have given rise to several cloud solution providers who are creating a healthy competition in the market. INP Computer Technology is one of the leading organizations that have consistently been providing technical support to its clients by manufacturing a wide range of Thin Clients and cloud based computing solutions since 2011. Headquartered in Mumbai, INP is presently administered by Vijay Jaiswal and Manoj Dubey. “INP is actively focused on manufacturing and device management of enterprises and aims to enhance the virtual world through its exclusive services,” says Vijay.

Managing connectivity in remote corners is one of the difficult tasks where most of the service providers fail. VDI/Cloud computing and Digital Signage mainly face hurdles while managing remote area connectivity. Understanding this critical aspect, INP manufactured its own remote management software which is based on client server architecture. “Our aim is to reach every corner across the country, and thus we established our own software which manages n-point devices remotely from anywhere in the world on Lan/Wan environment,” explains Manoj. While working on a wide range of embedded products such as Thin Client, Zero Client, POS, Digital Signage, Kiosk, MiniPC, Industrial Grade PC, etc., INP has been recognised as a world class manufacturer of server based computing technology.

INP is among the top 5 Thin Client/Zero Client manufacturers in India. The company’s contribution to the technology market has helped it to gain clients from several industries including BFSI, Pharma, Education, Retail, Manufacturing, etc. along with public sector departments from international markets.
“Our software team works on OS level, Digital Signage application and VDI. Our partnership with Citrix, Vmware, Microsoft, Linux, etc helps us to deliver innovative solutions to our customers,” elaborates Vijay. With an aim to mitigate the technical barrier that it is often faced by its clients, INP possesses enough devices, products, services, knowledge and expertise to cater to its customers’ needs and has thus achieved a big share of the Thin Client market. “Our devices enable administrators to manage devices remotely across a network effectively. Our products include a good range of hardware devices with multiple operating systems starting from the desktops of the entry level to high-performance models that assist our clients to successfully carry out their requirements,” expounds Manoj.

“INP Computer Technology is among the top 5 Thin Client/Zero Client manufacturers in India.”

Within a span of just three years INP has captured a good number of thin clients’ customers. This includes leading national and multinational companies whose systems are now advanced enough to compete in the present market. Aiming to be a pioneer embedded devices solution provider, across India, INP until has sold 1,50,000 units during the last five years, and is also adding more products to compete and gain bigger market share. However, with its unmatched experience and expertise, INP also dreams to be a technology-friendly organisation by helping its customers gain flexibility and manageability with desktop infrastructure of organization in the years to come.