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ServerWare: Identifying and Fulfilling the Needs of Broadbase Industries

Since the early days of server engagement in 2002, there was a lack of providers for servers in the Malaysian market. However, with the emergence of data center services, security surveillance and various emerging verticals that embrace server computing, a strong demand was felt for quality server solutions. Understanding the need of the hour, ServerWare forayed into the market in 2002 as a provider of quality server focus products. “We are noted as the number one Malaysian Brand Servers by Intel. Our products include servers, storage and networking that are designed to work with the most complex environment,” says Rupern Chiu, CEO, ServerWare.

Located at Selangor, Malaysia ServerWare saw the potential of enabling multi-applications using server technology. Achieving this was a challenging task, as the cost of technology was very expensive and only available via big companies such as Dell, IBM and HP. “We believe that providing a constant horizontal server product that can support multiple vertical segments can offer us a big opportunity by allowing customers to define their own design specifications. That will be the biggest differential value compared to the big companies which offers only standard models,” Rupern adds. The company has three strategic approaches for businesses. First is, all time availability and punctuality along with aggregating all the components required for building a server or storage for a server broad base computing need; secondly, timely marketing with the right flexible solutions and providing high level knowledge base, and lastly, the skill to help customers with end point integrations and share of emerging technologies. “Being a horizontal server builders, we are always ahead in terms of the right server solutions for the right usage model,” he elaborates further.

Building Client Centric Server Network

Data Center computing has become very much complex and diverse over the years with its computing needs and is demanding more performance. These leads to a lot of expertise that is needed to support the customers’ needs in this segment. Open Source solutions are very widely adopted in this area. Therefore, the plus point here is that most Data Center customers are very skilled and focused on their own needs and implementations. ServerWare shares its skill in building blocks and integrations for computing, network and storages in building their services. Products that it builds are in references to the design specs that they need in their infrastructure.

Today, ServerWare builds and designs servers for broadbase industrial needs starting from Data Center Cloud Computing to HPC, Big Data Storages and Industrial Computing usage including Security Survellience, and Animation Studios to name a few.
The common line in these industries is that they all need server computing but their needs differ in capacity and usage model. The challenge here is to understand these domain requirements and needs. Having a broad base understanding of these various needs, ServerWare is able to provide ‘build to order’ usage models of server that works for its customers including know how on end point integrations.

ServerWare is Intel Top Server Channel Business Partner in Malaysia. It has been ranked as the leading server business partner for eight years in a row with various awards both from local and regional level. In this business partnership Intel works with ServerWare to bring about the latest technology and product implementations to the country. A product such as, Intel VCA which is a H.265 transcoding for 4k streaming solution are still new and is currently being introduced to ServerWare’s customers. “Working with Intel today is about bringing new design wins and usage models to different vertical,” proudly defines Rupern.

“ServerWare has been ranked as the leading server business partner for eight years in a row with various awards both from local and regional level”

One of the key strategic advantages of ServerWare is that it collaborates with solution building partners across the nation. Each vertical segment that is server dependent has a unique domain level requirement. It builds products that meet the specifications of the solutions providers and allows them to create better end products together with its engineering and development teams. By collaborating with solutions partners ServerWare is able to enable complete effectively and helps us to learn and bring about better products and services to customers.

“We evolved as simple server hardware providers to providing complex “build to specifications” server solutions with more than 20,000 servers and storage deployment in the country. Our customers consist of leading Data Centers and DC service providers as well as leading enterprise customers. On our belt is more than 50 established solutions builders that collaborate with us to go to market and about 300 active customers,” Rupern elaborates.

One notable effort in coming months is to build a solution platform in order to support customer’s businesses, a video Survellience as a Service platform to enable ServerWare’s key Survellience customers have their own VSAS solutions and cloud storage models, Integrated with facial recognitions and home IOT implementations. This will be another milestone for another day.