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25 Most Promising Intel Solution Providers

SNS Network: Delivering End-to-End Intel Solutions

From ubiquitous Internet-enabled ‘things’ to capable technologies that are today at the core of business ecosystems, the world is under going a spectacular transformation. And, the entities that have capably been contributing to this transformation are technology consulting and solutions provider entities. SNS Network is one of these new age technology companies, which provides expertise in the technical services and assembly of quality Personal Computers. Headquartered in Ipoh, Malaysia, SNS Network brings technical services for situations requiring support of a qualified Certified Engineer to an overhaul/upgrade of existing equipment.

It provides a vast array of products and services including comprehensive services, creative ICT solutions, software solutions and security solutions.
SNS assures a unique combination of knowledgeable IT professionals, industry-leading technology and proven processes. It brings the expertise and skills to help its clients deliver IT projects that span the entire application life cycle. The company also extends a wide range of software solutions ranging from system software to application and educational software.

SNS is a specialized Intel solutions provider and is also the first company to be awarded as Intel® Authorized Solution Provider (IASP) in Perak. Besides, it has been awarded as Intel® Premier Provider beginning from 2000 until now. SNS is also the Intel® Certified Solutions Consultant and Intel® Certified Integration Specialist. Having delivered capable technological solutions for over a decade, the company has also bagged various other awards and recognitions in the form of SME Young Entrepreneur Awards 2008 and SME Service Excellence Award 2011 among various others.