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Agile Talent: Crafting the Antidote to All Hiring Woes

Kim McCarthy and Jim Ellis, Founders

Employees form the backbone of any organization, which makes the hiring process a critical component for the growth of any company. Every wrong hire is akin to a speed-breaker which can cause multiple negative outcomes such as draining an organization’s resources, time, productivity, finances, market reputation and employee morale. Helping Software Vendors and IT Consulting firms of all sizes and IT Departments in hire the right set of talent is Agile Talent. Founded by Kim McCarthy and Jim Ellis, this Australia based company successfully helps hiring managers across all of Asia-Pacific overcome hiring nightmares and increases profitability for clients. Built on the foundation of the duo’s extensive experience in the IT industry, the company has built a strategy to ‘Listen, Understand, Deliver’.

The company has successfully transformed the hiring scenario for hiring managers by making them go from “There’s no-one to choose” in the ocean of candidates to “Which one should I choose? among the listed rightful candidates. Hiring Managers no longer have to struggle to find the right candidates as Agile Talent provides companies with a list of deserving and qualified candidates. Jim says, “As simple as this may seem we know that our core competency is understanding what our hiring managers need and delivering that to them in a quick and effective fashion. Can you see how 5 hours of interviewing the wrong candidates can become 20 minutes selecting the right ones?”

Agile Talent is purposely broad with the roles they place with the rational that if you specialise too heavily in one technology as a recruiter, you have less talent in that area accessible to you as many of your customers and all your placements cannot be touched when you’re hunting for that right candidate. Having said that there are certain areas of strong expertise they offer such as roles in Data and Insights including Business Analytics, Business Intelligence, Big Data and enterprise software including ERP, CRM, HCM, Supply Chain and EAM.

The company has an extensive book of contractors across Development and Delivery and places permanent positions across the entire breath of an organisation from C Level, to Sales to Technical Consultants and everything in-between.
Kim elaborates, “There are three significant features of our service. Firstly, every candidate submitted to our customers has been interviewed and selected by one of our Directors. This sets us apart from many of our competitors and ensures that we uphold our high standard. Secondly, we have a list of 95% of the entire market within 48hours of receiving the role. Our expertise enables us to assess the top 20 of that list within a few days. Thirdly, candidates who are not on the market are where we concentrate, but they require persuasion. Due to our years of experience on the coal-face of IT we know how to have ‘that’ conversation.” It is this strategy that has not only made Agile Talent a rapidly growing name in the industry but has also helped the company build a strong clientele that includes IT Consulting Firms, Software Vendors, IT Departments of tier-one and tier-two industries.

“Built on the foundation of Kim McCarthy and Jim Ellis’extensive experience in the IT industry, the company has built a strategy to ‘Listen, Understand, Deliver’ ”

With the evolution of technology in the recruitment industry, Agile Talent plans to adapt and evolve accordingly. Big Data, Internet of Things, Virtual Reality, Artificial Intelligence, Quantam Computing and Block chain Technology are promising avenues where the company is directing some of its future endeavours. With the company’s unique methodology and the team’s dedication towards alleviating the recruiting industry’s challenges, Agile Talent is on its way to a brighter future.