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Alpha7: Enhancing Business through Reliable Cloud Advisory Services

Lynette Seah, Founder & CEO

In today’s rapidly evolving business landscape, cloud computing and other digital technologies have become imperative for enterprises due to their capabilities to streamline business operations with agility and minimal management effort. While benefits of these technological innovations help enterprises propel better business outcomes, entrepreneurs are still uncertain about how to deploy these technologies to stay ahead in the market. With an objective to bridge the gap between digital evolution and businesses in Asia-Pacific region, Lynette Seah founded Alpha7 in Singapore.

Since its inception in 2014, the company has been providing reliable cloud advisory services for clients across verticals. Alpha7 seeks to identify the gaps in business process and recommends appropriate solutions to procure a competitive edge in the market. “This helps the business get clarity as to where they should start with digital transformation in terms where the gaps are, and which are of priority,” says Lynette Seah founder, Alpha7. Apart from the customized advisory services, Alpha7 has also built a solution portfolio which covers sales, operations, finance, human resources and marketing. In addition, the company provides more than 50 cloud based applications including customer relationship management (CRM), sales force automation, enterprise resource planning (ERP), material requirements planning (MRP), inventory, point-of-sales (POS), e-commerce, etc.

With highly qualified professional advisors working on all areas related to cloud and IT, Alpha7 offers advisory services, customized solutions and a market place of more than 50 cloud based applications.

The company also provides A7 apps connect- a cloud based business platform that connects business applications and data across business functions. While A7 apps connect appears as the company’s core competence, what really differentiates Alpha7 from its competitors is the A7 BizConnect which enables enterprises to make better decisions.
The company also offers comprehensive solutions such as digital marketing, solution bundle and accounting which enable the clients to meet their business objectives seamlessly. “Digital marketing and accounting solutions bundles are examples of how an organisation can quickly roll out and digitise their organisation quickly, effectively, and cost efficiently. This is the main aim of the bundles we offer,” elucidates Lynette Seah, Founder, Alpha7.

Alpha7 seeks to identify the gaps in business process and recommends appropriate solutions to procure a competitive edge in the market

Many notable organizations in the industry have chosen Alpha7 to improve their business outcomes and to evolve with the ever changing business environment. Alpha7 clients include CRS consulting research services, Gpayroll, Board Room, Ogx, Agere, Halogen, SKAP LOGISTICS and many more. With its customer centric approach, Alpha7 helps clients to enhance their business productivity, providing extensive IT support throughout the process and beyond. For their committed, reliable and customized advisory services and solutions, the company has been lauded with notable awards including Singapore Business Review - Hottest 20 Start-Ups 2016, Singapore Business Review - Best Cloud Advisory Case Study 2016. As a startup company Alpha 7 has evolved over the two years and has become one of the renowned organizations in the Asia-Pacific region. In the coming years the company intends to launch A7 Digital Hub which helps customers look deeper into their transformation strategy and business growth trajectory after under going a digital transformation.