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Cog Systems: Delivering Best-In Class Security Solutions for the Connected Device Ecosystem

Dr. Daniel Potts, CEO

In the current digital era, enterprises have only started to embrace the concept of connected devices due to their unique ability to revolutionize business operations with agility and resilience. While the rise of mobile, gateway and Internet of Things (IoT) technology helps enterprises realize better business outcomes, the significant risks associated with security, and reliability plague enterprises and prevents them from per forming their operations at their full potential. For example, often an organization will restrict the use and applications available to an end-user of an enterprise connected device, thereby not fully utilizing the device and limiting productivity. To address the challenges confronted by enterprises and governments, Dr. Daniel Potts, a security professional and entrepreneur with over 20 years of experience in design, implementation, and delivery of embedded and secure systems, co-founded Cog Systems in Sydney, Australia.

Right from its’inception, Cog Systems has been aiding enterprises to unlock the full potential of connected devices, by embedding ‘defence grade’ security into their business solutions. With industry experts working on all areas related to embedded systems, Cog Systems delivers best-in-class bare-metal virtualization solutions that ensure increased revenue and cost take out, with inherent security. As a recognized world leader in delivering bare-metal virtualization solutions for the ARM ecosystem, Cog Systems consults on the possibilities of virtualization, helps its clients determine the best virtualization kernel for their business requirements, while then designing and implementing the optimal solution. In addition, the company provides advanced operating system and platform development products for mobiles, gateways, and IoT devices.

Since the process of virtualization is particularly complex within the ARM ecosystem, Cog Systems guides its customers with appropriate solutions that help them to procure a competitive advantage in the market. “When you sit between the hardware and software on any ARM based device – one needs to be able to port to the many different Operating Systems that may sit above and to the multitude of possible Chip sets that sit below,” says, Dr. Daniel.
The company’s capability to deliver real value for customers regardless of the inherent complexity in the ARM ecosystem places them a step ahead of its competitors. By developing innovative and game changing solutions that ensure high assurance solutions to connected devices, the company has served several notable organizations from various verticals including HTC, Northrop Grumman Corporation, General Dynamics, and many others in the high-end security industry.

Cog Systems provides top notch virtualization kernels and helps its clients determine the best virtualization kernel for their business requirements

With its customer centric approach, Cog Systems has developed a Software Development Kit (SDK), which includes the bare-metal virtualization kernel and a series of pre-plumbed virtual machines with drivers, software, and services in a single package. Being a reliable security assurance provider, the company’s objective is to built and enable the world’s most secure mobile, gateway, and IoT devices available in the market. Developing a resilient team has helped Cog Systems to flourish as one of the renowned organizations in Australia. Having catered services to companies across various verticals, Cog Systems is still evolving by leveraging cutting-edge technologies to enhance the growth of enterprises.

As enterprises advocate the evolution of connected device ecosystem, Cog Systems intends to innovate and leverage the current technology landscape, while exploring how bare-metal virtualization can be leveraged as a foundation for both security and modularity in mobile and IoT. Conversing about the future growth strategies of Cog Systems, Dr. Daniel says, "Cog Systems will further extend its products beyond the provision of just software and services, to adding the delivery of holistic hardware products and solutions to meet the needs of the enterprise in the future."