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Elumina Elearning: Empowering the Education and Learning Sector with Technology

Ifham Ahsan, CEO

The education and learning sector has undergone a massive transformation in the last few years owing to the rapidly evolving technological landscape. Gone are those days when pursuing knowledge was only confined to books and transcripts. Education technology has transitioned into an organization which designs appropriate systems in order to provide and enable efficient teaching-learning models that could effectively realize the modern day identified educational goals. Companies investing in this domain constantly strive to achieve these established goals while deriving desirable benefits out of their investments. For this, not only do they need to design a technological strategy that meets the learning goals but also excels at augmenting their ROI. This need for redefining the traditional use of technology in education marked the foundation of Elumina Elearning. Established in 2011, Elumina operates with the sole objective of delivering products and solutions which provide foundation for the academics and process owners to focus on educational outcomes through the usage of improved system capabilities.

Today, Elumina is one of the fastest growing eLearning, software development companies providing comprehensive web and mobile solutions to clients worldwide. Additionally, the company has industry specific software expertise in technology, education, media, and many other sectors. Ifham Ahsan, CEO, Elumina Elearning, says, “We are a professional company specialized in E-learning solutions integrated with mobile platform using cloud hosting.” The company also provides out of the box solutions in Moodle migration and cloud server deployment.

Elumina’s services offer a mobile platform for observation based assessment solution using ASSESS APP mobile platform.

Owing to Moodle’s popularity across the globe as one of the most preferred leaning platform, Elumina has implemented and currently supports more than 30 Moodle based projects for leading educational institutes, schools, websites and government organizations across Australia and the US.
As companies today have a requisite to utilize their capabilities to the fullest in terms of IT spending, cloud computing has become absolutely essential. Elumina stands as a reliable partner in the region for all the AWS requirements. Over the years, the organization has been involved in implementation of AWS services for clients across the globe especially in the Australian and US market.

Today, Elumina is one of the fastest growing eLearning, software development companies providing comprehensive web and mobile solutions to clients worldwide

“We take pride in providing solutions that achieve our client’s learning goals and helps them to derive maximum benefit (ROI) out of their investments in learning technologies. We implement the right tools and solutions that fits the job from both educational and technology perspective. Our Online Exam and Tablet Marking solution stand testimony to this. We only hire individuals who are just as passionate in technology and education,” adds Ifham.

Elumina has envisioned a future generating greater opportunities for its clients and venturing into far more technologically equipped learning solutions. The company is further looking for new ways to offer its services to companies and individuals a like in order to keep up with the competitive market, following its trends closely and simultaneously being updated with the expertise and knowledge of its offered services. “Right now, we are hoping to expand our business in the future and are working on milestones related to that, as well as milestones that will help improve our services,” concludes Ifham.