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HiKey Resources: Mobile Timesheet Management Solutions

Sven Petrich & Quirin Schwaighofer, Co-Founders

While working on achieving certain business goals, enterprises often encounter situations where productivity falls and the need arises for adopting solutions to reform the situation. Sven Petrich and Quirin Schwaighofer confronted such problems when they were working for the field service industry and found that the expensive time sheet management process was very inefficient and limits productivity significantly. That called for a solution and the duo founded HiKey Resources in 2015 with the vision to develop tailored, mobile/digital solutions that enable field service companies to streamline the time sheet management process, increase productivity, accuracy and reducing operating costs.

“A majority of the market today relies on expensive, rigid digital solutions or pen & paper combined with excel and manual admin labour. Entry mistakes, fraud, manual reconciling and delay in information are the limiting factors,” expounds Sven. Working in the areas of time sheet management, HiKey offers a tailored and complete solution with one goal, to automate the timesheet management and reconciliation process of the target market. Time2L, is a Mobile Timesheet Management tool tailored to meet the needs of field service and project businesses in mining and construction industries. Addressing some unique requirements such as, offline functionality, GPS tracking, ERP integration, safety alerts, mobile crew management, multi-level approvals and ability to reflect complex allowances and business rules, etc, Time2L carries out the data management task in a cost effective manner by eliminating fraud acts. By capturing timesheets live, Time2L also gives businesses live visibility on utilisation and enables active fatigue management.

HiKey’s products are used by field service companies and end users of the mining and construction industries since both industries face similar challenges. The capturing and processing timesheets in field service businesses is a manual, time consuming and costly process where as, for end users it is the validation of contractor invoices which mainly consist of labour hours.
“Our products Time2L and Time2L Gate automate and streamline the complete timesheet management and validation process for contractors and end users and create operational efficiencies helping businesses to reduce operational costs,” adds Quirin. Customers are charged on a per use basis only with no setup cost, which makes it attractive to companies of any size and budget.

HiKey’s core competency lies in the combination of its IT expertise with detailed market knowledge and working experience

HiKey’s solutions have an edge given the talented team that collaborates to conceptualize and develop it. Its IT Conception team sits in Germany and Australia whilst the development team is based in Greece. This gives the unique combination of Australian and German engineering knowledge and the cost-advantage of being able to use highly qualified developers from Greece. However, to simplify and automate time capturing even further it plans to implement new features such as, Geo-Fencing, Phoneless time capturing, Smart ID verification, Synchronisation with customer systems, etc., the company also have a pipeline of unique features to come in the next six months. Speaking about the company’s plan for the future Quirin says, “We want to be the efficient one in the mobile managing workforce management industry.” Given HiKey’s core competency in the combination of its IT expertise with detailed market knowledge and working experience, the company is moving towards a promising future. Companies of any size can now sign up for a 4-week free trial and receive close support in the implementation and change management process.