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HME Online: Perfecting the Art of Data Mining

James Yang Jingxin, Founder and CEO

Since the Neolithic era, man has been delving into the deepest corners of earth in search of the wealth that lies hidden. Today, man’s mining quests have been directed on a different path following the cyber components that govern the lives of us all. ‘Data Mining’ as it is known across the technology sector, is the new face of prospecting where many a cloud jockey drills through exabytes of data looking for information that could be transformed into valuable actionable insights. Singapore based firm HME Online is a prime purveyor of this solution for marketing and sales lead generation. Through the application of open-data mining technology HME seeks to address the issue of negating irrelevant data to enhance the lead generation process. The company distinguishes itself in the delivery of the service by not maintaining a closed database of company contacts for users to search internally, as most other software do. By doing so, HME is able to equip marketers and salesmen with a customer database built up for their own unique products, which can communicate their unique value to the right targeted customers.

Conceived in 2014 HME’s ascent into the data mining market was no fair sailing. Their first year was filled with efforts directed towards perfecting their unique brand of software to market it to clients who were quite comfortable with the concept of pre installed customer database that are ready to use, rather than to build their own exclusive customer database.

“It took hundreds of sleepless nights for the HME team to make our software run fast and user-friendly, so that the users feel our data mining process is as quick as searching internally a ready database and as easy as ‘one button input’,” says James Yang Jingxin, Founder & CEO, HME.

HME Online users have access to the company’s uniquely designed crawler to search online all the world-wide websites’ open data to gain their own customer database

HME Online users have access to the company’s uniquely designed crawler to search online all the world-wide websites’ open data to gain their own customer database. The software thereby enables them to Judge the relevancy of the searched sites as per pre-selected product key words or industry key words and deliver only those high relevant data; Clean the data searched and export those only with disposable information such as email address, telephone number or mailing address; Automatically verify the validity of the key information gained, making sure data is updated; Enhance the data by appending key contacts, more personal emails and company news; Monitor customer intelligence on their org-chart change, purchasing plans, recruitments, new investments, etc and give sales opportunity suggestions. All these capabilities are executed in automation online with high efficiency and high visibility. This has contributed largely to the popularity of the brand of products sold by HME. In the following year HME intends to bring in 30000 registered free users and 3000 paid users.