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Showcase Workshop: Enabling Sales Teams with the Most Effective Content

Millie Blackwell, President & Co-founder

Organizations hailing from varied industries invest heavily in the generation and distribution of content to make their organizations come to the fore in today’s competitive market landscape. Communicating through the right content is of prime importance to create a lasting impression on clients. Showcase Workshop, a New Zealand headquartered company helps clients untangle the trickiest knots surrounding marketing content. Millie Blackwell, President and Co-founder, Showcase Workshop says, “We created Showcase to enable any sales team to have fast, simple access to the content they need for customer interactions anytime, anywhere, and available from any kind of device.”

Headquartered in Wellington, Showcase provides ‘Sales Enablement’ technology and is the only vendor in the APAC region to focus solely on this sector. “Sales Enablement is about optimization of field based productivity with systems, processes and tools that get the right content, training and analytics into the hands of your team members who are face-to-face with your customer and prospects,” explains Millie. The company provides clients with deep analytical information about Showcase. This helps them to monitor who has the content, how often they’re using it and in most cases they can draw links between the use of content. The effectiveness and its consequent impact on sales are immense.

Judging all the predicaments encountered by their clients, and the factors which will ensure the advancement of their clients, Showcase has narrowed down the target zones which they want to address.

The Showcase team works in the simplification on Sales Asset Management and Marketing Communications.
Focusing on these two, Showcase has built its solutions which are accessible to consumers at any time of the day, from any geographical location and from any kind of device. “Showcase is a flexible platform, where customers employ creative deployments such as getting Crisis Management information into the hands of their senior leadership team, and incorporating HTML elements to host cost-benefit calculators and complex interactive forms, expounds Millie.

The Showcase team works in the simplification on Sales Asset Management and Marketing Communications

Working with Showcase Workshop provides clients with their“own private app store” experience. “All clients need to do is any time new content is available or an update is required, customers just update their app (no coding required), publish it and their users are automatically notified that new content is ready for them to use. New content is delivered straight into the hands of the people who need it, regardless of their device,” adds Millie.

Showcase’s client-centric approach and services have made industry leaders such as Bank of New Zealand, Carter Holt Harvey, Fisher &Paykel Healthcare, Mitsubishi Motors, New Zealand Trade & Enterprise, SKYCITY, Spark New Zealand, The Warehouse and Vodafone reach out for the company’. Along with the winning of the prestigious New York Tabby Award, Best Windows App Business & Professional for 2015, the organization, Showcase Workshop has earned several accolades from their clients of high repute. Cementing its present, Showcase Workshop is striving towards a stronger future.