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Timely: Bundling Simplicity, Affordability and Reliability in One Software

Ryan Baker, CEO & Director

In the business world, time is money. It is safe to say that cost and time are the two most critical components for the makings of any successful business, be it an SME or a large multinational corporation. However, while established businesses often have specific processes in place so as to ensure efficiency, the same cannot always be said about smaller or newer businesses.

“The market has several booking software systems but most of them are too expensive for SMEs,” says Ryan Baker, CEO and Director of Timely. “There wasn’t an affordable booking platform that could cater to small businesses, especially in the beauty, well being and fitness industries.” Ryan, along with Andrew Schofield and Will Berger, founded Timely in 2012 to provide small businesses with a simple, affordable and reliable scheduling software.

Since the existing booking software systems are too expensive for most SMEs in the market, Timely immediately made a major splash by delivering simple software solutions at an affordable cost.

Timely manages all aspects of its customers’ business, including appointment scheduling, online bookings, point-of-sale, marketing, and reporting. It integrates with other cloud software such as Xero, MailChimp, MYOB, and Vend.

“We conduct research and surveys on industry trends to provide constructive tips and advice to our customers. This feedback allows us to create content that is helpful and interesting for business owners, and pinpoints some of the difficulties that our customers have in business. This further helps us to establish ways for our app to alleviate some of those issues,” says Andrew, CTO and Director. Timely’s activities are all cloud-based. This allows its customers to access their accounts from any location and from any device without paying for extra licenses. Its core competency lies within its simplicity and ease of use processes. It does everything its competitors do, but, without unbreakable contracts, sign-up fees, or support fees.
The software is intuitive and user-friendly. “Our support team assists new clients with suitable advices and replies to on-going questions. But, mostly customers do not need such support due to the ease of use,” explains Ryan. Lack of time is a serious problem for SME entrepreneurs, but Timely aims to simplify and streamline administrative tasks, allowing them to get back their valuable time.

At Timely, we conduct research and surveys on industry trends to provide constructive tips and advice to our customers

Ryan further adds, “We are customer-centric. We listen to our customers and put them at the centre of our world. Timely isn’t a success if our customers do not love the product. Therefore, for us the customer comes first.” Timely has proven that it is a delight to use since it addresses the problems that customers face along with adding value to their businesses.

While serving in its fourth year with more than 6,000 business customers in 85 countries, Timely has managed to register over 30 million appointments and it is maintaining its growth momentum. The number of Timely customers in Australia and the US increased by 122 percent each during the last year and the company is now focusing on doubling the number by the first two quarters of 2017.

“Our two-year strategy has a clear focus on reaching out to the hair and beauty and expanding further into the Australian, UK and US markets,” says Andrew. The company has also received several industry accolades over the years including the Microsoft Partner Awards, Rising Star, 2016. Having received a nod of approval from the industry and clients alike, Timely is inching towards winning a stronger position in the global market in the years to come.