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Xtreme Productivity: Enabling the Not-for-Profit Sector to Make a Difference

Christi Moller, Managing Director

The emergence of Information Technology is one of the primary reasons for the digital revolution taking place at enterprise level globally. Technology has enabled organisations to implement innovative tools and techniques to overcome operational and strategic challenges to grow exponentially in a global village. Xtreme Productivity started its journey in 2012, delivering cost effective and efficient IT services to cause driven organisations in New Zealand and later on in Australia. The dire need for high quality, affordable IT support in the charitable sector was the driving force behind Xtreme Productivity’s rapid growth and expansion throughout Australasia.

The philanthropic industry is ill-equipped with the right in-house technical skill and capability. Flawed solutions to overcome common business problems often result in large, unbudgeted costs. Even though these organisations have access to highly advanced, innovative hardware and software through sponsorships and grants, they lack the IT leadership and capacity to identify areas of technological advancement and are not always able to architect complex solutions to maximise the IT resources available to them.

“We strive to make these services affordable and accessible to these cause driven organisations, enabling them to focus on what is really important, and that is: to make a difference in this world,” says Christi Moller, MD, Xtreme Productivity.

Assisting not-for-profit organisations with appropriate IT support, the company operates from Auckland, New Zealand, and their newly opened office in Melbourne, Australia. Xtreme Productivity’s services are predominantly based on the Microsoft technology stack and involves integrated solutions using technologies such as Office365, Microsoft Dynamics CRM with custom Web and Mobile integrations, Windows Azure cloud infrastructure extended into hybrid servers and networks configurations to enable the organisations’ users to work from anywhere at any time using a Windows 10 and Office 2016 operating environment.

“We provide a complete suite of services which include IT and end user support, cloud technology, CRM implementations and digital solutions. Our experts in each of these areas enable us to be the single point of contact for all their technology needs,” he adds.
Delivering services across these core areas of technology made Xtreme Productivity synonymous with IT enablement in the not-for-profit sector.

“Many not-for-profit organisations work hard to maximise the commitment of the charitable dollar to their respective causes and to enable this, technology is the first area where costs are cut. This approach leaves very little investment in IT resulting in them being left behind in any digital innovation that can actually improve productivity and increase operational efficiency,” Christi elaborates.

The dire need for high quality, affordable IT support in the charitable sector was the driving force behind Xtreme Productivity’s rapid growth and expansion throughout Australasia

Charitable organisations turn to interns and under qualified people for digital solution and IT services to save a few dollars, but end up paying more in the long run due to the implementation of solutions that are not fit for purpose or future proof. “Xtreme Productivity’s affordable expertise and wealth of experience enable us to create complete, integrated solutions. We treat each client as if it is our own business making the difference in this world,” describes Christi. He further adds, “The main difference between Xtreme Productivity and other IT service providers is that we know and understand the not-for-profit sector better than anyone else. The majority of our team comes from or have been delivering service to the not-for-profit sector for a number of years, therefore giving us first-hand knowledge and understanding of the intricacies and challenges such organisations face.”