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25 Most Promising Pharmaceutical & Life Science Solution Providers

Goose Technologies: Harmonizing the Pharmaceutical Industry with its Integrated Platform Harmony

Bharat Kumar Reddy Gujavarti, VP

The coexistence of improper implementation of procedures and ill maintenance has been pulling back the pharmaceutical industry in the wrong direction. Successfully catering to the needs of the pharmaceutical industry’s requirements by designing solutions accordingly is what Goose Technologies, a member of IIP, NASSCOM and partner of Microsoft has been doing since their inception in 2004. Bharat Kumar Reddy Gujavarti, VP, Goose Technologies, says, “We are one of the leading solution providers for life sciences industry in the areas of regulatory, end to end labelling, proofing and project management.”

Addressing critical business processes such as labelling, proof reading, vendor print management, specifications management and regulatory data management, the organization has an in depth view of the major reasons behind the breakdown of these inter-linked critical business processes. “These critical business functions were being managed by traditionally obsolete software systems or procedures. Adding to these hindrances, was the lack of innovation which resulted in copy pasted works, exceeding the time lines, improper tracking of the records for regulatory submissions, expanding the Artwork submissions,” explains Bharat.

To counter the in efficiencies in the system, Goose Technologies designed Harmony, a light, intelligent, innovative and integrated platform. Harmony is an integrated platform that can be adopted into any other business process offering varied solutions of Project Management, Analytics, Proofing, Regulatory, Artwork, DMS, etc. The key features of Harmony comprise of Analytical review management, Configurable workflows, Tracking Regulatory requirements as per the Regulated Market, Document repository and Manage able integrated dash boards. The platform is user friendly and clients were able to adopt with in a short span of 6-8 weeks.

The solution rides on the shoulders of the team which has a decade long experience in various fields. Sarveswara Rao, Srinivas Vangala and Srini Srinivasan are some of the advisors who have been successful guides to Goose Technologies’ product development.
Goose strung on the decision of incorporating Harmony with the objective of reconnecting all the inter-linked critical business processes, provide transparency, enhancing productivity and in reducing re-work. It was developed after the company’s much consideration in the various regulatory requirements including 21 CFR Part 11 and is validated under GAMP Category 4. It is also note worthy that the company renders be spoke solutions such as track and trace, clinical and laboratory information system etc.

“At the core of each solution that the company provides is innovation, deep understanding of the clients’ business requirements and customized client-configurable solutions at minimal budget and time frames”

At the core of each solution that the company provides is innovation, deep understanding of the clients’ business requirements and customized client-configur able solutions at minimal budget and time frames. Ensuring all these features are hard-wired inside the company’s proceedings, Goose Technologies has gained over 20 clients, 3300 active users spread across more than 26 countries and has gained 73000 approvals per year.

With leading Pharmaceuticals organizations reaching out for the organizations’ comprehensive services, Goose Technologies have been recognized as “20 Most Promising Pharma & Life Sciences Software Solution Providers” by Siliconindia (2016), “20 Most Promising Pharma & Life Sciences Software Solution Companies” by CIO Review Magazine (2015) and one of the Top 5 Regional Winners of IBM Smart Camp, Hyderabad Edition (2015). Bharat concludes saying, “We are working to make Harmony the complete solution for label management, which will include project management to make it easier for companies to take critical decisions. Our end objective is to make Harmony the de-facto standard for any pharmaceutical business process automation needs.”