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25 Most Promising Collaboration Solution Providers

Mithi Software Technologies: Providing the Right Collaboration Solutions to Build Smart Businesses

Tarun Malaviya, CEO

The growing complexities in today’s business environment have prompted teams within enterprises to rely on collaboration to quickly solve problems and take decisions. For a rapidly growing company, the collaboration infrastructure serves as the exception handling mechanism to help bring things under control as the company adjusts to new level and forms of activities. But with it come concerns of security, dependability, high cost, productivity loss from down times, and complexities in managing the collaboration infrastructure. This is where Mithi’s strengths in handling message streams, security and UI/UX design enables them to provide better security, optimised performance, easy manageability & new capabilities at affordable costs.

Right from its inception, the company’s mission was to make technology more accessible, useful and affordable to enterprises of every size. ConnectXf, the core flagship collaboration platform by Mithi, has been serving the needs of some of India’s leading enterprises for long, delivering high outcomes under very demanding performance standards. The same platform is also available as Mithi Sky Connect, a SaaS offering, via the cloud to companies of all sizes. More recently Mithi launched Vaultastic, a cloud email archiving solution that also works with GoogleApps, Microsoft Office 365, and other email solutions.

Another distinguishing feature of the system is its ability to co-exist with other mailing systems, as an in-premise - cloud hybrid and integrated with core business applications of an enterprise.

Based on Open Standards, the system connects easily to a wide range of add-ons and apps, serving the needs of diverse enterprises such as Aditya Birla Group, Mahindra Rise, DRDO, DMRC, Gini and Jony, IPCA, General Motors, and Freedom financial planners among others.
“Cost is a significant barrier in the adoption of technology and we are doing our best to offer better cost customisation to meet individual business needs, without compromise on performance,” explains Tarun Malaviya, CEO, Mithi Software Technologies.

Mithi Sky Connect, a comprehensive suite comprising of email, chat, video conferencing and document collaboration, hosted and served from the Amazon (AWS) cloud, aids small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) to easily get started with collaboration using the browser, desktop, or mobile devices. Vaultastic, its latest offering, also served off the AWS cloud, enables customers to have an email archiving strategy in place to ensure data durability, regulation compliance and information availability. Over the years, Mithi Software has also built strategic relationships with reseller partners, hosted solution partners and system integration partners to provide complete life cycle support for enterprises across verticals.

For their reliable collaboration solutions and services, the company has been bestowed with several awards including the “Regional rising star – Technology partner (West India)” at the AWS APN Excellence awards 2016. To remain relevant with the ever changing business and technology landscape, Mithi’s objective is to continue with improving the convenience, flexibility and performance of their basic platform, while also investing in new generation collaboration apps that will make the basic task of collaboration easier for people. Mithi also intends to build derivative products that will help businesses create more dependable and secure collaboration environments without incurring high costs.