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25 Most Promising Collaboration Solution Providers

Vocera Communications, Inc.: Bridging the Communication Gap in Healthcare

Brent D. Lang , President & CEO

Communication is the key to customer satisfaction. Effective communication, especially communication software, must work across every facet of a business to bring synchronization and coordination. While technology enabled communication is pervasive and fulfills the innate human desire to speed up processes and improve convenience, it can also diminish face-to-face interactions, and bring dissatisfaction. In healthcare breakdowns in communication may lead to misdiagnosis and serious injuries to patients. Hence, in a fast-paced setting, team members need a reliable communication solution that enables them to connect with each other and share information instantly from anywhere on any device. Understanding this vital link, Vocera Communications, Inc. offers an enterprise-class solution that combines unique hands-free voice communication, secure texting, alerting, and patient engagement tools in a single communication platform that also integrates with more than 75 clinical systems.

Headquartered in Silicon Valley, Vocera renders secure, intelligent and integrated communication solutions that collaborate voice and secure text messaging either through a smartphone, the hands-free Vocera Badge, or a combination of both. It improves work flow efficiency, quality of service, safety, and experience for staff and customers. This intelligent workflow system also includes escalation paths that factor in availability, shift changes and other routing rules as needed. “Our software platform instantly reaches individuals and groups, which is unique in the industry,” explains Brent D. Lang, President and CEO. Vocera also offers clinical communication assessments and collaborative services to assist organizations identify potential breakdowns in communication and gaps in processes to improve workflow and operational efficiency. The solution’s active directory enables team members to simply call or text co-workers by saying or selecting their role, group, assignment or name.

In addition, the platform’s integration with multiple clinical systems empowers care team members with the right information at the right time on the right device, preventing treatment delays, avoiding medical errors and saving lives.
Care team members can then reach the right person instantly using intuitive commands like “call Room 4101 nurse” or “Broadcast to the Cardiac Code Team.” The staff assignment system is synchronized with data and team information from the electronic health record, providing a single source of reliable information that can be leveraged for real-time routing of critical alerts, alarms, stat results and other communications.

“Over16 years, Vocera has grown from a small start-up into a publically-traded, international company with hundreds of employees and over a thousand installations in healthcare, hospitality and energy industries”

Over 16 years, Vocera has grown from a small start-up into a publically-traded, international company with hundreds of employees and over a thousand installations in healthcare, hospitality and energy industries. Serving more than 1,300 organizations across the globe, Vocera, during the course of its journey, has achieved coveted awards including Healthcare Informatics (HCI) Top 100, Best in KLAS Leader for Wireless Communications Healthcare Informatics, HIMSS Middle East Integrated Health Innovations Award and many others. Brent adds, “Our collaborative vision and relationship-based culture starts in our San Jose, California headquarters and expands to satellite offices and field employees in Tennessee, Canada, Australia, India, Singapore, the Middle East and the United Kingdom.” In the next two to three years, the company envisions 25 percent international revenue growth by utilizing its effective teamwork and seamless collaboration solution, a step that has earned the Company unimagined success in the industry so far.