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APTTUS: Driving theProcesses between a Buyer’s Interest and the Realization of Revenue

Kirk Krappe,CEO

The global corporate scenario has undergone a tremendous transformation since the introduction of technology into managerial dynamics of running businesses. Organizations are aligning towards seeking the support of enterprise software solutions to remain a step ahead in the market. This trend in the industry of seeking trans formative business services to gain a competitive advantage marked the foundation of Apttus Corporation. Headquartered in the USA, Apttus’ inception saw the emergence of the cloud technology as well as an opportunity to transform the traditional enterprise software system. The primary objective of the company became the prioritization of customer needs and delivering deep capability on a rapid rate. The company adopted a SaaS model to ensure that its customers receive ongoing value. Part of that ongoing value included expanding Apttus’ Quote-to-Cash offerings to include Microsoft CRM users.

Today, the Apttus Intelligent Cloud is the only set of enterprise-level applications encompassing and enhancing every facet of the revenue cycle, making it the end-to-end solution for the largest and most complex sales operations in the world. These capabilities are powered by Microsoft Azure. Kirk Krappe, CEO, Apttus says, “Apttus serves large enterprises, many of which are not restricted to one CRM system. By offering capabilities for both Sales force and Microsoft users, Apttus is able to accommodate more of the marketplace.”

The Apttus Intelligent Cloud with its three main components namely its Quote-to-Cash suite, Incentive Suite and deep learning intelligence combines artificial intelligence and machine learning to predict and prescribe tasks, including defining which behaviors have the highest propensity to drive desired outcomes.

Quote-to-Cash is the single link between top-line results, bottom-line results, and customer satisfaction. No other process is as critical for maximizing the value of capturing revenue in a profitable way as well as meeting the needs of customer sales requests. This process relies on the collective intelligence of the enterprise.
The impact of accurate quotes, proposal, contracts and orders make the flow of all data and processes within an enterprise work smoothly, thus creating value for enterprises and their customers. Quote-to-Cash Intelligence delivers insights not previously available in the industry, using real-time pattern recognition and analysis of customer, sales, service, pricing, and product data. Kirk adds, “Apttus utilizes Machine Learning to make the Quote-to-Cash process smart, and ultimately intelligent. Machine learning solutions have the capability to predict propensity to buy across all channels, make personalized recommendations to customers, forecast long-term customer loyalty, and anticipate potential revenue and credit risks.”

The Quote-to-Cash market that Apttus created has uncapped potential, which our clients have only begun to tap into

The company pioneered Quote-to-Cash to be the bridge between CRMs and ERPs, which rose to become a market leader with currently estimated opportunity of $31B business which is more likely to grow to $41B by 2018. The developed Apttus Intelligent Cloud would enable its customers to take their data and business one step further. As a certified “Unicorn” in the Silicon Valley possessing valuation of over $1B, Apttus has recently raised a Series C round funding of $108M from strategic investors like Iconiq Capital, K1 Capital, Salesforce Ventures and KIA, the oldest and one of the largest sovereign wealth funds in the world. “The Quote-to-Cash market that Apttus created has uncapped potential, which our clients have only begun to tap into. No other company offers complete automation of sales revenue operations from beginning to end and has successfully transformed business processes for hundreds of organizations,” concludes Kirk.