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ComputerCare: Re-defining Excellence through IT Solutions

Wayne Masters,MD

IT expenditure for a majority of organizations in the pre 90’S era was viewed as a liability as most operations were taken care of through analog and manual mediums. Not until later did these organizations realize the value of a strong IT support and thus IT picked up pace as a potentially prolific domain of the future. This realization marked the foundation of Computer Care, an ICT organization. Born from the ashes of a former IT company, Computer Care was founded by two ex-employees with a team of three. The company’s prime objective was to focus on sales and support of small and medium businesses around Palmerston north. Wayne Masters, the current Managing Director, joined the business as a Network Consultant in 1995. In 2001, when the founders decided to sell the business, he and his wife Vicki Roach acquired the business and ever since the company has seen tremendous growth.

What started as a team of five has today catapulted into a team of 40, with offices across New Zealand. Computer Care operates as one of the leading regional Information Communication Technology Services organization. The company boasts an impressive record of customer service, innovation and service delivery. Wayne Masters says, “Our role is to understand how our client’s business works and identify products and services that can assist them to leverage their investment to improve the bottom line and grow their business.”

Computer Care has a vast range of solutions to meet the client requirements. The company is a Microsoft Gold Partner and as such has strong capabilities across the Microsoft range of products such as Office 365, SharePoint, Azure and Windows server and desktop operating systems. While a majority of these products are common ‘of the shelf’ products, the company has also sourced niche products and has developed some of its own to fill in the gaps and find ways of improving systems for its clients. Products such as Cloud Link help clients to transition from a local server based data structure to Cloud structures.
Assisting users to interface with systems can not only provide small individual gains but also power productivity gains across an organization.

ComputerCare continues to advance towards becoming an integral part of its clients’ organizations, providing a wide range of products and services across the technology spectrum

Computer Care has developed a unique fixed price support offering called One Care, combining the new Cloud based technologies with unlimited support offerings and a strategic and proactive approach to partnering with their clients. This product has been instrumental in winning the company ‘NZ Microsoft Cloud SMB Partner of the Year’ for scaling its Cloud practice to a world class marketing and sales engine. The organization has a strong focus on supporting the regional SME market but at a level normally found in the big centres. To do this the company uses a professional approach with an emphasis on training, best practices and formal systems to ensure the clients get the best possible experience.

Computer Care continues to advance towards becoming an integral part of its client’s organizations, providing a wide range of products and services across the technology spectrum. The company has successfully added website development, hosting and document management to its service range recently and is evaluating other solution sets to add to the mix. “Over the next few years we will investigate opportunities to expand our presence and allow more clients to experience what we have to offer,” concludes Wayne.