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CyanSYS: Aiding Businesses with an Entire Fleet of Microsoft Products and Services

Tan Theng Wee,Managing Director

The era of 1990s brought along a wave of transformation for global business scenario including Singapore, a country that was trying to induce high technology into its business ecosystem during that phase. The country had committed about $ 2 billion from 1991 to 1995 and $ 4 billion from 1996 to 2000, for the development of high technology plans. The Singapore government had even deepened the level of technological research of the country through NUS global cooperation programs with highly established tertiary institutions in the US, Australia and in Europe. The country was clearly on the path of evolution and soon after it started witnessing the rise of IT with various new businesses venturing into the technology space. It was a phase when businesses operating across manufacturing, retail and numerous other sectors were seeking to move up the value chain by infusing technology into their operations. The same period witnessed commencement of a futuristic IT company CyanSYS, which was incepted to enable businesses to compete and grow through IT. Singapore based CyanSYS was founded with a focus on delivering outstanding customer satisfaction through scalable and quality solutions for small and medium sized businesses.

“The company was set up to be a reputable leader in offering professional technological services and integrated solutions to specified business communities with key competencies in providing independent software for information processing through integrated solutions,” specifies Tan Theng Wee, Managing Director, CyanSYS. In its initial years of operations, the company sustained its focus in independent software development which was then witnessing fierce competition amongst all local and emerging software developers. This approach led the company to introduce internationally well supported business packaged solutions. Since then, it has been working on expanding its service portfolio to comply with the growing market requirements.

Working in this direction, CyanSYS has associated with the leading industry players such as IBM and Microsoft.
While during its early years of existence, it was operating as an IBM custom software developer, it gradually started switching to the software and development business using Microsoft-based development tools.

We foresee our partnership with Microsoft as a great advantage and a faith that we can operate in the next decade and evolve to become even more successful in the region

Tan says, “Subsequently from the pure bespoke software development company, we gained our knowledge about software business and challenges, hence we started to find an ERP package that is flexible and offer dynamic way of customization and development around a platform, which was NAVISION.” Currently known as Microsoft Dynamics NAV, NAVISION is a premier business management solution for small and mid-sized organisations. CyanSYS’ association with Microsoft has provided it all the necessary platforms and infrastructure tools/servers along with great integrated development environment where it could scale. The organization today provides an entire spectrum of Microsoft products and services from infrastructure, servers, clients, security, virtual machines to office 365 and now Dynamics 365. CyanSYS’ association with Microsoft has continued for more than 16 years and has also enabled it to focus its efforts around retailers in Singapore and Malaysia.

“We fore see our partnership with Microsoft as a great advantage and a faith that we can operate in the next decade and evolve to become even more successful in the region,” proudly says Tan. Moving forward, the company plans to set up an office in Hong Kong and Australia to ensure expansion in these regions. The company will also seek to engage more partners in the areas of e-commerce, mobile and cloud solutions in the next few years.