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Designertech: Putting Customer Experience at the Forefront

Ray Delany,CEO

The emergence of new age software solutions has played a significant role in elevating corporate activities across the globe. With software developers successfully addressing technological challenges that have occurred with time, introduction of newer solutions and innovative methodologies has given a boost to the working strategies at an enterprise level. As a consequence, several large and small software solution providers have come to the fore, however very few have managed to carve a niche in this competitive sector. Designertech is one among those few who have been successfully mitigating software related issues and rendering outstanding solutions to its clients since 1994. “Out of our software competency we built and marketed one of the first successful NZ software exports during the dot-com boom. Our product, Mail Marshal, captured a significant portion of the world market for Internet security products before being purchased by NetIQ in 2002,” says Ray Delany, CEO of the company. It was the success of Mail Marshal that has enabled Designertech to expand its software practice deliver ables including highly innovative medium and large enterprises who understands the process of using technology for their competitive advantage.

Headquartered at Auckland, New Zealand, Designertech has significant understanding and experience in a number of sector verticals, notably transport/logistics and healthcare. “We prefer not to think of our core competencies as being limited to any one sector. Rather we find that our services are best suited to companies who want to use tech as part of their competitive advantage. Technology should be looked at as an asset to be managed strategically rather than a cost to be minimized, and we work best when customers share that view,” adds Ray.

However, Designertech has the ability to work the way its customers need and also develop software that delivers business differentiation in its clients’ working sphere. Successfully working with some of NZ's leading exporters, the company has developed an outward looking approach and is focussed on growing its offshore services.
“Our customers grew by facing the business challenges and thus we introduced our business consulting services in order to help with streamlining processes and ensuring efficient delivery of projects to our valuable clients,” illustrates Ray.

Technology should be looked at as an asset to be managed trategically rather than a cost to be minimized, and we work best when customers share that view

Designertech’s Continuous Computing division ensures proper designing of infrastructure and proactively manages through constant monitoring and maintenance. This automatically reduces the scope of interruptions to service and identifies issues well before they can turn into serious problems and also deal with them proactively. “As cloud computing models and services such as Azure and Office 365 are becoming more useful for our customers, we help them to make that shift at the right time and in the way that best meets their business requirements,” Ray explains. Designertech’s product innovation team has also succeeded with development of its software products. The company helps customers to realize their ambitions in software by building their products according to their specifications. The team’ side as, experience and knowledge has the power to compete with the present challenges in the market and it also has a pipeline of product ideas at various stages of development. Designertech envisages being the home of the world’s coolest technology by putting customer experience at the front of everything it does and making sure that its internal processes are efficient along with ensuring its work force as highly skilled and enabled to execute rapidly.