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ePLDT: Emerging as a Pacesetter by Enabling Businesses’ Success through Dynamic Digital Infrastructure

Ernesto R. Alberto, Group President and CEO

The past decade notably witnessed the rise of IT with numerous new technologies and tools coming into the picture. From cloud computing to usage of SaaS platforms and other innumerable IT solutions by industry leaders like Microsoft, Salesforce, Google, among many, the technology sector has undergone countless transformations. While this evolution has enabled enterprises across the globe to multiply their capabilities manifold, it has also made them associate with and depend on IT solutions providers, who bring in the desired expertise. These specialized technology solution providers help businesses implement technological advancements into their systems and help them refine their operational efficiency. Similar was the vision of ePLDT Inc., when it first entered the IT sector in the year 2000. The digital enterprise enabler and a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Philippine Long Distance Telephone Company (PLDT Inc.), the firm was introduced to build a network of purposely-built data centers catering to the needs of PLDT and its wireless telecommunications arm. Gradually, the organization discovered the possibility to position itself as the principal corporate vehicle for information and communications technology businesses by offering services such as Big Data, Cloud Services, Managed ICT Services and Managed Security Services.

Since then, Philippines based ePLDT has been serving a vast client base with its extensive array of IT solutions. The company provides a complete suite of cloud solutions such as Infrastructure-as-a-Service, Platform-as-a-Service and Software-as-a-Service. “Anchoring on the global trend where “No one cloud fits all”, ePLDT has formed strategic partnerships with global pace setting cloud providers such as Microsoft, AWS, Google, IBM-Soft layer, Cosmocom, Oracle, SAP, Netsuite and Salesforce among others where ePLDT offers professional services beyond infrastructure and license-selling,” details Ernesto R. Alberto, Group President and CEO, ePLDT.

Having associated with these global players, the company has capably enriched its service portfolio which now includes various Microsoft solutions too.
Today, ePLDT proudly operates as, No. 1 Microsoft Cloud Solutions Provider (CSP) in the Philippines, Microsoft Productivity Competency Gold Partner, Microsoft Authorized Education Reseller (AER) and Microsoft Dynamics Certified Partner with a substantial pool of Microsoft Certified Professionals. “The partnership with Microsoft has enabled ePLDT to bring the best-in-class productivity tools to its enterprise clients by providing an end-to-end cloud solution to address their collaboration needs,” specifies Nerisse S. Ramos, Group COO, ePLDT. This association has created a shared pool of knowledge resources for both the companies with reference to the technical expertise and most importantly, the global best practices that are crucial in executing successful go-to-market strategies.

The partnership with Microsoft has enabled ePLDT to bring the best-in-class productivity tools to its enterprise clients.

Further, with its expertise in big data, ePLDT capably assists its clients who have been working towards becoming data driven to remain competitive. The company provides consultancy services to guide them in their journey to become data driven from a strategic and technology perspective. It also offers a platform, which is designed to handle data with varying volume, variety, and velocity while ensuring veracity. It has also built a Center of Excellence for each technology domain it offers to the clients. Detailing the firm’s capabilities, Dave Simon, Group CTO, ePLDT, recounts, “In its 16 years of existence, ePLDT has invested heavily on trainings and certifications of our employees and the different ICT and digital enabling services in our portfolio.” The company has also initiated investments in digitally-relevant manpower expertise to provide differentiated professional services beyond its infrastructure solutions in Cloud, Big Data, Security, and other Managed ICT Services. ePLDT is driven by its vision to become a pacesetter - enabling its customers’ success through its dynamic digital infrastructure and that’s what all its efforts are focused at.