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Shellsoft Technology Corporation: Solutions That Complement Clients’ Operational Efficiency

Edwin Boon,President

Competition, apart from being the driving force behind innovation and productivity, is also significantly responsible for the development of the modern day corporate landscape. Businesses have always strived to outperform each other in order to sustain in a constantly evolving market. Recently, private technological tools have massively contributed towards helping several organizations stay ahead in the game. This trend of the present day organizations aligning towards seeking technological tools to gain competitive advantage over their peers in the industry marked the foundation of Shell soft Technology Corporation. Established in the 1988 in the Philippines, Shellsoft Technology Corporation’s key focus area has always been in infrastructure. Beginning with the network operating systems, Shellsoft has since embraced Microsoft’s comprehensive server stack over the years, whether on-premise or in the cloud.

Today, Shellsoft is one of the premier infrastructure solution providers in the Philippines. Aside from Microsoft solutions, the company is an acknowledged leader in security, data protection, virtualization, productivity and cloud solutions. Shellsoft maintains one of the largest pools of certified engineers for Microsoft solutions, as well as several other security, data protection, virtualization and productivity solutions. Shellsoft also holds the most number of specializations and competencies in the country for each of the solutions that it renders.

The company has a strong reputation among its customers for delivering quality installations using best-of-breed products.

As a systems integrator for the world's leading technology companies, Shellsoft is in a unique position to understand the needs of its customers and package the right solutions for them.
Shellsoft assists its customers with their infrastructure needs, whether it is core platform infrastructure, or end-to-end security infrastructure, to virtualization technologies, as well as data protection. Customers benefit from dealing with only one solution provider who is not only duly certified on the solutions offered, but also provides size and scale for the resources needed in this connected technology landscape. Edwin Boon, President, Shellsoft Technology Corporation adds, “Skill and Scale is how we ensure our customers would be able to get their solutions deployed efficiently”.

Aside from implementation services and support agreements, Shellsoft provides consulting services, architecture design and managed services across the entire range of solutions represented. The company is equally adept at on premise implementation or in the cloud or both. It provides consulting services to help customers gauge suitability and build the right architecture. Shellsoft incorporates the necessary implementation and deployment skill to further help customers execute their strategy and provides managed services to ensure efficient and continuous operations of the solutions deployed.

Shellsoft has catered to a huge customer base across and outside the Philippines, and together with its experience and knowledge base gained from servicing over hundreds of customers a year, the company presently strives to become the strongest Asian player in terms of delivery and execution of its robust solutions and services. The company has been repeatedly recognized as Microsoft Philippines’ core infrastructure partner of the year, among several other industry accolades.

The company’s solutions not only complement the operational efficiency of clients but are also driving innovation and efficiency within the working model of Shellsoft. “Our services have not only assured the customers of world- standard skills, but also of our ability to do simultaneous, complex projects,” concludes Edwin.