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Simple Biz: Simplifying Complex Solutions with its 3D Approach

Adrian Mazzocchetti,MD

The technology consulting industry has witnessed immense growth in the past with a large segment of businesses infusing technology into their operations. With this, the technology consulting industry has seen numerous consulting agencies coming into the picture with assurance of simplifying complex business problems. While many of these organizations have been supporting enterprises for years, majority of them have been unable to embrace the latest technology trends, ultimately leading their clients down a very traditional pathway. Adrian Mazzocchetti, the Founder and Managing Director of Simple Biz, a company that was originally conceived as a consulting agency observed this loophole and emerged with the vision to address it. Adrian, then as an outcome, converted Simple Biz into a 100% managed IT service provider with a twist. He brought along a new approach to IT services, which was much needed for businesses in Australia at that time.

Headquartered in Melbourne, Simple Biz is a fully managed IT service provider offering managed support, office 365 migrations disaster recovery as a service, VOIP, networking and infrastructure as a service. The company brings an agnostic 3D approach based on Discovery, Design and Deployment. Detailing the first and foremost aspect of this approach, Adrian adds, “We are very big on Discovery; in fact, we spend more time in the discovery than anywhere else. IT success is different for everyone, it could be economical, reliable or efficiency. We thoroughly like to understand how the business runs so that we can design the right solution for our clients.” After completion of discovery, team Simple Biz moves into Design.

While pursuing this, it tries to implement new technology and hardware to design a solution with scalability of growth, reduction in costs and increased efficiency. Simple Biz is focused on delivering tailored solutions specific to its clients’ businesses.
Once it’s done with the design stage, the team moves into the deployment phase. Explaining it further, Adrian expounds, “We create a deployment plan that has minimal impact and maximum efficiency. We aim to have almost no interruption during our deployments and if it is necessary we notify the client well in advance.” Team Simple Biz has performed hundreds of deployments keeping its clients in a safer zone. Adding to it, Adrian also says, “We want our clients to have the best possible solutions so that they can be competitive and relevant in their market.”

Simple Biz is focused on delivering tailored solutions specific to its clients’ businesses.

Technologies such as Microsoft office 365 and Virtual Desktop Infrastructure have been an excellent evolution which has enabled and empowered businesses with utmost productivity and help achieving higher results. This has enabled Simple Biz to have a very unique approach to cloud working environments that provide a hybrid combination of its own Hyper-converged Nutanix infrastructure and Microsoft 0ffice 365. Simple Biz however, is presently focusing on the expansion of its cloud service offerings since cloud is mostly in demand for businesses across the globe. After receiving the Microsoft Silver certification recently, Simple Biz is also looking forward to receive more such recognitions in the future. “Cloud is becoming more and more in demand and businesses are identifying that it’s important to be with the right partner, and this is an area we are very experienced in. We make the transition very easy and have minimal impact to the clients.”