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TimeXtender: Democratizing Access to Corporate Data

Romi Mahajan,Chief Commercial Officer

Automation is a powerful force that’s driving change throughout the entire BI stack. One company leading this transformation is TimeXtender. This year, the company introduced The Data Discovery Hub, an integrated platform that leverages the power of automation and makes it easier to access, model, and govern data. Unlike other approaches, which rely on a mix of tools and vendors for scripting, data prep, and data blending, the Data Discovery Hub is a comprehensive end-to-end solution that is democratizing access to corporate data by delivering on both governance and self-service.

Highlighting the market shift to data democratization, and how TimeXtender is helping companies gain competitive advantage, Romi Mahajan, TimeXtender’s Chief Commercial Officer, explains, “My commitment to TimeXtender came about as a result of the answers to a set of questions I have of any company or organization to which I’d associate myself: does the company resolve a real issue or is it a solution begging for a problem?; does the company have a clear vision of the market and how it fits into the carriage of the industry?; and is the company willing to make the investment in rock-solid products and world-class people?”.

And, his answer to all these was a resounding “YES”, and that’s the reason he was intrigued. The real issue that is solved by TimeXtender’s commitment to agile Data Discovery hubs is that organizations are held back daily by the conflict between data hungry business users and well-meaning but backlogged IT. “I’ve seen this problem play itself out for decades and when I found a company whose very essence was to end this strife, I signed up immediately,” defines Romi.

Data Discovery Hub: Aligning Business and IT

Business Intelligence (BI) challenges have two big items. First, the need for extreme agility and the false promises of earlier years. BI is about “Intelligence.” “Intelligence” differs from “Raw Data” only if it provides the organization with the mental fodder to do things differently. In order to make that leap based on data “reports,” it is to believed that data should be superb, up-to-date, contextual, and comprehensive. If existing and current BI is not all of those things, the problem rises. Add to that the hype that was created in the over promise of instantaneity and perfect ease and you get a cauldron. “That cauldron is our honey, because we can get rid of it with regard to data via automation and move the discussion to one of business architecture and not of technical failings,” Romi explains.

TimeXtender helps companies with its Data Discovery Hub. “We provide the data ware house capability through our TX DWA platform, and pair that with Qlik’s visual analytics solutions, leading to the industry’s most complete solution available for companies. The secret sauce lies in the company’s ability to automate coding that traditionally takes significant staff hours and myriad costs to accomplish,” Romi adds.

Through the data discovery hub, all corporate data is consolidated and integrated into one central repository to ensure data quality, integrity of reports, and “one version of the truth.” Without this central data discovery hub, different users can interpret data in different ways, often leading to faulty decision making and inconsistent reporting. Even more, doing so, takes significant time and money, which often leads them to get the wrong analysis from this enormous effort! “Our data discovery hub resolves all these problems,” reassures Romi.

Romi feels, “The Data Discovery Hub is a construct that we believe will define the future of data infrastructure. We think the future will be defined by Democratization, Translation, and Innovation.”

In Democratization, users who need data will have access to the data they need to not only do their jobs but exceed and succeed. With Translation, data will have to be translated into clear and dynamic action. And with Innovation, the “saved energy” and the “excellent results” will allow organizations to use their energies into creating the new, new thing. The Data Discovery Hub is all about creating a version of the data truth that is consistent, accessible, easy, and translatable.

Dominating Data Warehouse Automation Space

The biggest challenge TimeXtender faces is breaking the status quo view of a company while hiring a large group of consultants with the mindset that it takes millions of dollars and months of time to build and deploy a data warehouse. Many simply cannot believe that TimeXtender can help them as committed, but once clients see its technology in action they become instant believers.

Case in point, the company recently exhibited at a large trade show in front of 150 executives in the audience.
TimeXtender’s speakers talked about how a classical data warehouse deployment typically takes months and millions to build, and explained how can it automate and build a data warehouse in under 8 minutes. The company’s team put forth a demonstration showing how it’s done and all in the room were floored. Romi expounds, “We still hear from people about that demonstration and what a revelation it was for them to observe, about how we’ve advanced this market space and what we provide to help companies with their DW/BI initiatives.”

There are other players in the data warehouse automation space, but many are spread across additional platforms, offerings, and initiatives. TimeXtender focuses on providing democratization to corporate data for companies using the Microsoft SQL Server. This emphasis enables it to listen closely to what companies need, provide new offerings of the Company’s technology, and serve growing number of partners and resellers. Besides, it is closely aligned with Qlik and has market penetration across six continents. Today, the company is moving forward throughout South Asia and the Middle East and recently opened an international hub in India. These efforts translate into providing training and support to customers and partners in the field.

In Democratization, users who need data will have access to the data they need to not only do their jobs but exceed and succeed

Having dual Headquarters in Aarhus, Denmark, & Bellevue, Washington, TimeXtender has had the good fortune to be engaged in several important projects that have truly made a huge difference in helping companies become more successful by reaping the benefits from their data riches. It has more than 2,600 customers worldwide across numerous industries and in 60 countries, and a very high approval rating from the customer base. Certainly, it starts with the technology that TimeXtender has developed over the years, but it also have a dedicated staff who are passionate in helping the Company to grow its market leadership and aiding customers, and a comprehensive network of partners across the globe who believe in TimeXtender’s mission and the value it provide to customers.

One example is its work with VIA University College. VIA needed a better way to manage and generate insight from its growing volumes of data. The school was looking for a robust information management system that was fast, agile, easy-to-implement and easy-to-manage in-house. They researched extensively, got recommendations from other colleges and universities, and evaluated numerous vendors. TimeXtender and Climber (one of our partners) delivered a joint solution based on TimeXtender and Qlik Sense.

VIA had compared their business requirements with the many options available in the market. The school was told that it would take months to build a data warehouse but it didn’t have months. Interestingly, the team from TimeXtender and Climber made a bold move. They told the review board that they would build a data warehouse, right before their eyes, in 40 minutes or less. The statement was met with disbelief and skepticism. TimeXtender delivered in under 40 minutes’ time and suffice to say the implementation is now fully underway. Due to its deep focus since 2006, the company has been recognized as a Software 500 Fastest Growing Company and Deloitte Fastest Growing Company

Making the Best Use of Microsoft Partnership

TimeXtender’s s strategy is designed to solely focus on helping companies that use Microsoft SQL Server. Romi states, “We decided a long time ago that was the market we wanted to service and in large part is the reason we are the largest data warehouse automation provider for the Microsoft SQL Server community.” Along with being a Qlik Technology Partner, it is also a Microsoft Partner Gold Data Analytics. Our technology is fully compatible with Microsoft Dynamics NAV and Microsoft Dynamics AX.

TimeXtender sees it self as a $100 million company. The Company continues to experience hyper growth and was recently rated by two organizations as one of the fastest growing technology firms, including being named “Top 10 in Revenue Growth for Overall Software 500 with a Growth Rate of 94.26%.”

The Company believes there is plenty of room for enduring on this path of hyper growth, as we continue to help more and more companies democratize access to corporate data, empower business users, and liberate IT. “We are constantly building new relationships and alliances with customers, partners, and regions. When you couple this strategy, along with our technology innovation, we think that we’ve only begun to scratch the surface as to what we can become as a corporation,” adds Romi forecasting the future growth prospects.