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Web Masters Technologies: The Connector between IT and Business Objectives

Rahul Doshi,MD

Many have talked about the benefits of Information Technology (IT) - its proliferation of usage and impact on businesses. But few truly understand what IT is and how it can really impact their businesses exactly. There exists a gap between knowledge of IT and knowledge of management – IT technicians lack the management knowledge to suggest suitable solutions, while businessmen lack the IT knowledge to make full use of it for their businesses. Having observed the need to bridge the gap between the two functional domains, Web Masters Tech was established in 1989 to provide more valuable services to the market. “We do not see business and IT as two separate entities but as a whole concept on its own,” explains Rahul Doshi, MD, Web Masters Tech.

Often, companies employ technical solutions when they want to resolve a business problem, such as purchasing a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software so as to provide a better customer service experience in hope to increase revenue eventually. But installation of a new software without knowing what will make the technology work or considering if it is suitable to be implemented, is a modern challenge for many organizations. Web Masters Tech recognized the need to provide guidance on connections between business problems, value propositions, technology solutions and implementation to their clients so that clients are able to achieve exactly what their business goals are.

The company is more than a typical Microsoft Solution provider; it does not just sell a software and close the deal for good. To provide better value to clients, Web Masters Tech first helps clients to identify what are their business needs, then chooses the specific software that best fits the company's current business practices and IT ability, carries out on-time on-budget implementations plus integration to create a seamless IT experience and last but not least, functional experts advice on business system improvements while technical experts advice on optimizing IT.
All processes are well-documented to prove clear justification on why IT is required and how it helps their businesses.

Web Masters is more than a typical Microsoft Solution provider; it does not just sell a software and close the deal for good

Together with Web Masters, companies do not need to worry anything about IT anymore; they can afford to concentrate more time and effort on real business challenges instead of fumbling on IT. "We take care of everything so that clients take care of their real concerns," adds Rahul. Truth be told, IT should serve the business, not the other way round.

"We are always there for our clients, and we have gained trust from thousands of organizations with our excellent consultancy advice and after-sales services. We are the safety net for clients so that they can achieve higher heights in their business while omitting risks with regards to IT. If anyone wants to realize his/her vision, Web Masters is definitely there for you,” Rahul concluded on what makes Web Masters the unique IT company that it is.