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XR Elements: Amalgamating Insight, Technology, Expertise and Adoption

Mark Fowler,Founder and Director

XR Elements is a Microsoft Dynamics silver partner that operates out of Sydney and Melbourne, and specialises in delivering Customer Relationship Management software and services across Australia. XR Elements first opened their doors in October 2010 and since then have been actively delivering solution based outcomes to some of Australia’s most prominent organisations. The company was founded by Innes Briscoe and Mark Fowler, both having worked with Microsoft CRM since its inception in the Australian market place in the early 2000s.

Since commencement of its operations, XR Elements has transformed the way many organisations now run their businesses, from small to medium businesses to large enterprises. Complementing the size of the businesses, XR Elements provides support, utilising the vast experience gained over the years across a growing number of industries including construction, education, finance, government (state & federal), NGOs, professional services and telecommunications. When asked what it is that XR Elements does to ensure a CRM system is delivered successfully, Mark states, “It is easy to use CRM as a technology discussion when in fact it is about understanding how CRM can deliver real business outcomes that make people’s lives easier.” Fundamentally, CRM shares information from the other line of business systems and across various departments within an organisation. Most processes where customers are involved with staff from various departments at different times, it is not uncommon to see business units working independently of each other with a tick and flick approach to accomplish a given task.
Adopting a CRM system provides an organisation a unique opportunity to spruce up the processes and educate departments about what is their role in the overall scheme of delivering a customer outcome. This approach educates people in an organisation about not only their role but to surface all of this information to executives to make timely and informed decisions. “I believe the key to a successful outcome is to roll out features as per priority and over time, this ensures that the people who will most likely benefit the most are assisted with a view to systematically roll out and extend CRM capabilities over time.” adds Mark.

Explaining further, Mark says “Working specifically with CRM for so long, XR Elements has amassed a great deal of intellectual property that spans across many facets of a CRM deployment. This allows us to deploy a CRM solution quickly with extended features that would normally not be recognised straight away.” XR Elements has developed industry CRM templates for companies that engage in National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS), bulk carrying, education, financial planning, grants management and service based quoting.

As organisations look to embrace CRM systems, there are many products that are available to enhance its functionality and provide companies with a solution to better manage their customers. As a partner that is purely focused on Microsoft Dynamics CRM and how does XR Elements work with organisations to position the right tools. XR Elements has the necessary skills to deploy Office 365, Microsoft Azure, and Microsoft Dynamics Social where companies can understand social sentiment, Microsoft Dynamics Marketing for enhanced marketing capabilities and analytics, integration to Microsoft AX, GP, NAV, Power BI, Microsoft portals that provide companies a native CMS built into CRM. The team at XR Elements is excited with the prospect of Microsoft Dynamics 365 where companies will have the ability to adopt and deploy the enterprise line of business applications quickly and across a familiar user experience.