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ZETTA 1: Infusing New Life into Content Governance with Publish Point

Stuart Fergus,Managing Director

As Microsoft gears up to release its new range of products, great opportunities stand wide open for technology companies. However, the challenge to fully realize the potential of Microsoft’s products can test the resources and efficiency of even the most experienced Microsoft solution providers. This is where ZETTA 1, a Microsoft Gold Partner and having numerous years’of experience in the collaboration and content field on the Share Point platform shines. Using its extensive knowledge and understanding of the products, the company has helped customers to create powerful content strategies. The company’s product Publish Point bridges the gaps in content governance by providing visibility of the whole publishing lifecycle via a user friendly dashboard.

“With functionalities such as scheduling items, items for review and site analytics, PublishPoint gives clients peace of mind, knowing that their content is governed well,” emphasizes Stuart Fergus, Managing Director. With Publish Point, customers gain the ability to distribute content authoring amongst teams, giving them a dashboard view of what they are working on and where it is at in the process of publishing. Publish Point’s ‘Work in Progress’ view quickly identifies the work that is currently being doing done via the dashboard. It allows Check-in items, check-out items, Pending Approvals, Rejected items and Publishing History to be easily edited directly from the dashboard.

These features not only help improve the content, but also ensure that certain pages or pieces of information don’t remain live when they should have been removed. Stuart explains, “Any large organization or company can identify with the pain of having large amounts of information that constantly needs monitoring, regulating, updating, approving, removing and ultimately ‘governed’.”
By enabling clients to use content management tools in new ways, the ZETTA 1 team has unlocked capabilities of the SharePoint platform, in order to ensure quality content governance.

ZETTA 1 has a large focus on the education sector and has provided numerous solutions to clients in the domain. The company has piloted projects such as “Websites for Schools” for over 1100 schools using SharePoint and are currently developing a solution for the schools’ intranets using Office 365 as the platform. The plan is to develop the intranets as a schools’ administration tool, and then provide both teachers and student dashboards. Stuart entails, “Using O365 we believe that we can utilize the power of the AZURE architecture to introduce machine learning into the students’ dashboard to surface learning objects and resources to the student, based on their needs. It is truly an exciting time to be a Microsoft partner in the education sector.”

Going forward, ZETTA 1 will continue to develop Publish Point and is actively developing the product for the 0365 platform, which will be ready by mid-2017. ZETTA 1 is also developing a provisioning tool for O365 called “Site Builder” to enable the roll out of Intranets for Schools. “Site Builder” is the beginning of the vision of having dashboards for teachers and students by applying the power of machine learning. The company is confident to provide new functionality and support to customers with its products. Stuart concludes, “We hope other government agencies and corporate organizations using Share Point will value the visibility, peace of mind and confidence that Publish Point brings – therefore understanding and valuing the role content governance brings to protecting their business.”