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25 Most Promising Enterprise Mobility Solution Providers

24 World: Digital Solutions to Maximize Reach and Effectiveness of Products

Muhammad Rahimtoola, Executive Director

The extent to which the Internet has pervaded our world today is massive; according to reports, the world will have 21 billion connected devices by 2020. As the world becomes increasingly digital there is also a need for enterprises to move ahead with the times and make use of the various digital mediums to stay connected to their customers and employees alike. 24 World is one organization that provides its clients with multiple digital solutions to move into the online era from traditional media outlets. “We believe that mobility is a business necessity today. Considering the importance of mobility in an ever expanding world, we entered the market with the focus to provide clients with multiple digital solutions,” explains Muhammad Rahimtoola, Executive Director of 24 World about their purpose of penetrating the industry.

24 World made their way into the market in 2010 with their key potency being development solutions specifically web and mobile based. The company tackles and sorts its clients’ multi-faceted web-based and mobility issues as well as remote software embedded outputs, and is popular among clients in their base location in Karachi, Pakistan. The company is skilled at digital marketing solutions and gives ‘maximize reach and effectiveness of products’.

This client-oriented organization provides companies with customizable client-satisfying services backed by its highly accomplished set of employees who are skilled at advertising, broadcast media technology and trend watching.
These diverse existence of dexterity in one organization helps in the diverse alterations and upgradations of tech advancements, mass media necessities along with user experience and satisfaction. Giving a simplified glimpse of their complicated work, Muhammad says, “We work on an agency model basis hence we encompass client’s complete needs and ascertain their exact solutions based on an overall analysis and troubleshooting methods. 24 World works on the area of development solutions from web based applications to mobile adaptability as well as remote software embedded outputs – alongside we work diligently on digital marketing solutions to maximize reach and effectiveness of products.”

“24 World works on an agency model basis, hence it encompasses client’s complete needs and ascertain their exact solutions based on an overall analysis and troubleshooting methods”

24 World has made inroads in the industry and has built a strong clientele that includes UBL Bank, Jubilee Insurance, Jubilee Kenya, EFU Insurance, Adamjee Insurance, NIB Bank, Skylight Japan, Children’s Museum for Peace, Score Line and Engro Corporation among others. The organization was also a recipient of the prestigious Karachi Advertising Festival in 2010 & 2014 and Pakistan Web Awards 2011. Moving towards a more successful future, 24 World has strategized its upcoming international expansion. Having already been successful in the U.S. market and being currently operational in the Japanese market, the company will work further to consolidate their presence in these sectors.