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25 Most Promising Enterprise Mobility Solution Providers

Click Labs: Mobility Solutions for Improving Workforce Mobility and Increasing Efficiency

Samar Singla, Founder

Technology has the capability of touching and transforming lives. A technological revolution has been underway for the past few years and Samar Singla, Founder, Click Labs wanted to be a part of the change in order to witness people benefiting from technology. This desire led to the foundation of Click Labs, a technology solution provider with over five years of industry experience in developing enterprise grade solutions with focus on mobility. “My belief and passion towards creating innovative ways of bringing technology into every household compelled me to establish Click Labs,” he elaborates. Since its inception the company has had a mobile first approach. The company provides product offerings to help during the different stages associated with the startup evolution- discovery, validation and scale. “Most of our offerings are centered around the broad mobile workforce space that is seeing lot of potential opportunities,” adds Samar.

Click Labs not only works to remove the clogs related to workforce mobility and inappropriate Solutioning, but also towards providing a boost to several entrepreneurs and SMBs by ensuring omni channel experience to their clients and consumers. Samar says, “Either there were very small players in the market who could not cater to the needs or the players were too big to fit in the cost. Another aspect was to master a niche and a trend and extend the offerings.” The company’s mission is to engineer and maximize mobile ROI.

With its Headquarters in San Francisco, USA, and other offices in Seattle, Brisbane and India, the company boasts of a global reach. Click Labs’ unique services related to product development outsourcing and On Demand platforms, have enabled the organization to deliver more than 300 successful projects related to logistics, analytics and delivery. The company has risen in popularity within the industry, with more than 300 developed mobile platforms forming their client portfolio.
Capital One, Coca Cola, Jugnoo, Iggbo, Red Door Spas and Miniluxe are some of Click Labs’ highly reputed clients. Analyzing the On Demand space, Click Labs provides Next Juggernaut, Tookan and Taxi Hawk.Several SMBs in the beauty segment have benefitted from these services. Additionally, the company’s analytical offerings have been guiding clients in the act of apposite business decision-making and increase their profit.

Analyzing the On Demand space, Click Labs provides Next Juggernaut, Tookan and Taxi Hawk. Several SMBs in the beauty segment have benefitted from these services

Powering the On Demand Technologies for SMEs, is Next Juggernaut which acts at different stages of evolution – validation, efficiency and scale. Tookan which is considered as the ‘Simple, Powerful and Effective’ genius in the world of Logistics, is a delivery management software for field workforce. “Tookan solves managing last mile deliveries by streamlining the delivery operations, making it easier to manage and track, field workforces that enable on-demand deliveries, at-home services and on-field customer acquisition,” Samar adds. Taxi Hawk, the company’s third product is a one-stop platform for taxi businesses. It covers the whole process ranging from booking to dispatching. It comes with Customer app, Driver app and a Dispatch panel, and can be accessed through its automated mobile and web-based scheduling and dispatch software.

Every advancement demands evolution, and Click Labs is no exception to the rule. Currently the company is undergoing a gradual transition from being a service based company to a product based one. Pursuing a vision of being an information conglomerate centered on creating ‘multi-million dollar viable businesses’, the company is venturing forth to create a smarter mobile driven world with an innate eye on technological trends and continuing its venture of experimentation and innovation.