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HeiTech Padu Berhad: Keeping Organizational Disasters at Bay

Abdul Halim Md. Lassim, CEO

In today's competitive market, a down time in an organization crumples and crushes down the hard-earned reputation and market share. In a scenario so grave, organizations need the assistance of a proficient disaster recovery program to safeguard the organization and set it back to its smooth sail. In this regard, comes to the fore HeiTech Padu Berhad, a Malaysian disaster recovery organization which ensures "zero-interruption" projects for their consumers, enabling them to focus and heighten their proficiency standards, with the implementation of their ICT Infrastructure solution and services.

HeiTech Padu Berhad’s journey is an extensive account of steady evolution. Being an answer to the industrial need in disaster recovery, the organization branched out to form HeiTech Managed Services Sdn Bhd (HMS) in May 2008. Abdul Halim Md. Lassim, CEO, HMS, says, “Starting in 1995, as an EDP Department of Permodalan Nasional Berhad (PNB), HeiTech Padu Berhad branched out to become a privately held company focusing on a new business to provide computerization and modernization of the ICT systems and infrastructure for the Government’s mission-critical public-services department as the systems integrator.”

HMS, an ISO27001:2005, ISO20000: 2005 and ISO9001: 2008 certified organization, became the manifestation of resolving convolutions that businesses and projects in FSI, public sectors, retail sectors, national security, transport and healthcare undergo. With innovation being one of the keys to the organization, HMS’ structured solutions include data center services, network services and cloud computing services.

HMS’ ICT framework stands tall and fortified with the support of its three pillars- people, technology and process.
The ‘People’ who are the greatest asset for the organization, are constantly updated through several training sessions in technical and non-technical domains such as soft-skills and also in PMP, ISMS, ITSM, CDCP, CBCP, etc.

Technologically, the organization offers the most lucrative client - configurable and revenue generating solutions. The company's data center facility is structured on two standards – a premium class data center and a minimum standard (low-cost/no-frills) data center. Harris Ismail, Group CEO, HeiTech Padu Berhad elaborates, “Our premier main data center facility which adopts the Uptime Institute Tier IV and TIA-942 Rank 4 parameters, is gazetted as a ‘Restricted Place and Restricted Area’ by the Malaysian Government’s National Security Council and is also certified by PCI-DSS. Our secondary data center facility adopts the Uptime Institute Tier II parameters, which offers basic services with an obviously cheaper cost, mainly catering for the SME sectors.” HeiTech follows the best practices available in the global market, which ensures the clients to enjoy the ‘world class’ services.

HMS offers a brand of comprehensive ICT Infrastructure solutions and services, designed to sync with various ISO standards such as QMS, ISMS and ITSM, where as their data center facility adheres to TIA-942, TVRA and ‘Restricted Place’. The long list of services includes Managed Applications, Managed Data Center Services, Business Recovery Management Services, Cloud Computing Services, Managed Network & Communication Services (WAN & LAN), Managed Desktop Services, Managed Security Services and Managed Online Backup Services.

Among the organization’s prestigious awards, Frost & Sullivan Managed Services Provider of the Year 2015 is a must mention. Adding feathers to their hat, their Disaster Recovery Facility has been recognized by the Malaysian Central Bank for providing the Disaster Recovery services to the FSI sector.

Besides ASEAN countries, HeiTech also operates in Australia, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Sri Lanka, Ghana, China, Indonesia, Myanmar and the United Kingdom.