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Wharf T&T: Driving Hong Kong' ICT Development to the Next Level

Vincent Ma, President

Benjamin Franklin's famous adage states, “An ounce of prevention is always better than a pound of cure.” This holds good in today’s IT enabled businesses where generation of data is enormous, prevention and streamlining of data beforehand can prohibit blurring of the boundaries between communication technology and information technology which otherwise can be devastating for an enterprise. Prevention retains the connectivity speed and storage capacity, reduces susceptibility of data breaches, and offers quality services. Understanding this vital clog is although strenuous; however, those who gain this subtle insight can avoid hibernation. Adhering to this strategy is Wharf T&T, a company that proactively plans disaster recovery strategies. Charles Wong, Vice President, Wharf T&T, comments, “With that in mind we have built facilities to help customers in planning ahead before disasters arrive.” The company formed in 1995 provides cutting-edge ICT solutions ranging from fibre-based high-speed business broadband, sophisticated local and international data networking, advanced IP-based voice telephony, world-class public cloud services, online marketing solution and complex mission-critical systems integration solutions.

Being a leading ICT service provider, Wharf T&T provides best-of-breed ‘Fibre-to-the-Desk’ (FTTD) network infrastructure that meets customer’s diverse business needs. FTTD supports ultra-high speed broadband connectivity which is a solid foundation for the introduction of a wide array of innovative cloud applications and services. Its harmonizing partnership with VMware, Cisco and EMC fetches it the firsthand benefits of their cutting-edge cloud technologies. And so, it delivers a full suite of cloud-as-a-service (CaaS) solution - Fibre Cloud. It is an innovative and scalable service that builds cost-effective infrastructure and resource layer. Fibre Cloud’s business-grade public cloud computing offers a wide spectrum of metropolitan-based business at an optimized price with local support. “As IT & networking infrastructure is integral to business, Wharf T&T has implemented full business integration with subsidiary COL, a leading IT services veteran in HK. This strategic amalgamation enables companies to stay at the forefront of IT and telecommunications market,” adds Vincent Ma, President, Wharf T&T. Right from designing to planning, installation and maintenance, the company performs all.
Wharf T&T even offers Business Continuity Service Centre approximately 10km from the CBD area. It offers over 900 workstations and 110 server racks capacity. All its workstations are fully equipped with computers, phone system and are capable of stimulating the exact working environment during a disaster invocation. Most importantly, power supplies to all the services are protected by UPS and diesel generator ensuring continuity of operation under the most challenging situation. The BCP professionals help customers in setting business continuity plan, organizing drills and conducting review meetings. The company offers data centres in different locations in the SAR that provide the facilities for cold and hot IT infrastructure resilience set up. This round-the-clock support has provided uninterrupted services during the SARS epidemic and Occupy Central period in 2003 and 2014.

“Abiding by it’s the tagline ‘Strictly Business’, Wharf T&T has clinched Dual Global Awards at EMC World 2016”

Abiding by its the tagline ‘Strictly Business’, Wharf T&T has clinched Dual Global Awards at EMC World 2016, winning the Modern Data Centre Innovation Award and the Most Valued Cloud Service Partner Award. Its unique telecom and IT contributions to nearly 50,000 customers has bought it other awards like Gold Award in the ‘Media and Communication’ sector at the Hong Kong Awards for Environmental Excellence, Caring Company through 2008-2016 and so. The company intends to live up to its vision of excellence, and develop best-of-breed ICT solutions to drive Hong Kong’s ICT development to the next level.