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Augview: Enabling Workforce Efficiency and Cost benefits through Innovative Asset Management

Today, augmented reality has become animportant new technology for a number of utilities companies around the world. As it sets out to enhance the management of underground infrastructure, augmented reality has taken the experience of visualizing the underground asset landscape to the next level. This is so crucial because the accurate location and identification of underground assets prevents accidental excavation and offers simple, user-friendly and quick means to pick up asset data with less manual monitoring.

Founded in 2012, Augview, an augmented reality software development company is a pioneer in using advanced mobile solutions for the development of a unique augmented reality GIS product. The company’s Augview software allows users to tap into the benefits of a mobile GIS system and visualise underground assets on a mobile device, such as a tablet or smartphone.
Through the precise use of augmented reality GIS solution, the company collates spatial information from various databases and allows users to view buried infrastructure and additional data in their real spatial positions via an augmented reality overlay on the screen of a tablet or smartphone.
Mike Bundock, Director and Founder, Augview has been a renowned GIS expert having worked with multiple start-ups and GIS product developments before starting his own company. It was his drive to solve critical challenges faced by geospatial businesses that has shaped Augview’s success as world’s 1st mobile asset management app utilising GEO AR to help manage underground infrastructure.
Augview software provides fast insights about the asset data within rapid time.

Augview has garnered a staunch reputation in the field of Augmented Reality, GIS and custom mobile apps development over its three-year run in the industry.

This innovative service aimed at improving user efficiency and data quality helps employees, field surveyors to better plan and manage their site as well as leverages technology experience directly in the field. While exposing businesses to latest technologies, the company offers one-of- the most technically advanced field solution in the market today. This field solution has guided the development of smart and sustainable platforms for solvingGIS problems of any kind and delivered increased accuracy, productivity, revenue and informed decision-making.
The financial benefits obtained by using Augview are a clear advantage but more importantly from a health and safety perspective, it provides far reaching solutions. In case of potential asset strikes where the damage can be minimal to severe, Augview has been known to eliminate silos and increases the field workers understanding of their environment through real-time safety updates and warnings. Augview takes the guesswork out of the situation by positioning assets where they should be – using GPS coordinates as the reference. All of these have created simplified ways in data collection and asset positioning, leaving workers with more time to get on with the job – in a considerably safer environment.
The company has garnered a staunch reputation in the field of Augmented Reality, GIS and custom mobile apps development over its three-year run in the industry. Headquartered at New Zealand, Augview has its strongest presence in the country. Also significantly expanding across multiple geographies, the team today is building a version of Augview to work with Meta 1 augmented reality glasses, generally considered to be the most advanced AR eye wear to date. With Augview on AR glasses, construction workers could view and interact with Augview’s data in the field, leaving their hands free to complete other tasks. Any updates and safety notifications will be seen instantly, rather than whenever someone next happens to look at their mobile device. With its inspiring product development initiatives, the company looks set to open up new avenues in asset management.