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25 Most Promising Enterprise Mobility Solution Providers

GlobalSpace: Enterprise Mobility Solutions Redefined

In an era of unremitting battle for time in the work place, benefits of adopting enterprise mobility technologies can be manifolds. For organizations, it enhances internal communication, collaboration, and overall productivity. It also helps sales teams to pursue new business opportunities and respond quickly to perspective leads.

GlobalSpace’s unique SOLT Tablet is deployed for installing and upgrading applications as well as for activating their functionalities depending on the subscription

Given the benefits, the number of enterprises transforming their work culture by embracing enterprise mobility has increased manifolds, which has resulted in more flexibility and responsiveness within the organization. Krishna Singh, during his decade long tenure atZydusCadila, SRL Ranbaxy and Reliance Life Sciences realized the benefits enterprise mobility can bring for Pharma enterprises. It was then in 2010 that he founded GlobalSpace, an enterprise mobility solution provider to render cutting edge mobility technology solutions: integrated hardware & software that enhances the core businesses of the enterprises. Krishna, Founding Director of GlobalSpace, says, “Global space was conceptualized to empower every ‘feet on street’ to do their job better by leveraging technology.”The company primarily focuses on the sales force enablement solutions in the enterprise mobility space.

Global Space builds SAAS based software and hardware product platforms which include CLM (E-Detailing) Platform, Sales Force Automation (CRM) tool, Mobile Device Management and SOLT Tablets. GloEDGE, a cloud based one stop content management & analytics platform, is the company’s flagship CLM Platform. Its cloud based CRM tool, GloSFA, delivers simplified & enhanced user experience. Additionally, the company uses GloMDM to manage devices in the field and for regular updates and troubleshooting. GlobalSpace’s unique SoLT Tablet is deployed for installing and upgrading applications as well as for activating their functionalities depending on the subscription. The company ensures a smooth transition from delivery to operations phase by providing active field support, providing highest quality services to its clients.
GlobalSpace is a project-driven company; it handles customer projects by internally adapting to Project Management principles and processes. Right from understanding the scope, planning, executing and controlling the projects, the organization with its systematic approach handles everything within minimal time frame and in optimized cost. It’s expertise in deploying cutting edge technologies, integrated solutions and enterprise ready offerings allows it to stay ahead of the competition. Its software product platform ensures relevance and viability, while its end-to-end mobility solutions bundle mobility devices and business applications. GlobalSpace’s solutions ensure long battery life, faster processing and proficient user interface.

Clients gain the advantage of faster time-to-market and quick turnaround by using GlobalSpace’s mobility solutions. The organization has an expertise in providing comprehensive solutions to multiple segments such as pharmaceutical, healthcare, automotive, real estate, manufacturing, banking, insurance, retail, travel and hospitality. Going forward, the organization plans to render its expert solutions to the automobile and insurance sectors as well.

By serving out-of-the-box solutions that delight customers every day, GlobalSpace eyes to change the landscape of the enterprise mobility industry and become a leading provider of breakthrough mobility products and solutions in the Indian market. The company also plans to expand its business in the Middle East and south East Asia. GlobalSpace’s unwavering focus in mobility consulting, devices, software solutions and mobility experience will surely make it stand as a leaders in the industry it operates.