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25 Most Promising Enterprise Mobility Solution Providers

iSentric Limited: Steering Organizations towards Excellence in Enterprise Mobility

With technology at the forefront, the world has changed entirely over the past few decades. For most industries and people, this technology leap has enabled the access to the simplest solutions, superior products and high quality services. Consider the field of enterprise mobility management that has leveraged mobile technology to revolutionize the way we communicate with each other, consume content, and trade.

The arrival of mobilityhas been constantly emphasized by experts to be the next big thing in the industry, and one company with the technology vision to realize the power of mobility solutions is iSentric.Founded in 2003 as a mobile-first company, iSentric provides clients the ability to expand the digital ecosystem through Big Mobility, an enterprise mobility strategy characterized in terms of diversity, ubiquity, convergence, and expanding utility of platforms, devices, content, networks, connectivity, and services.
Today, iSentric’s Big Mobility serves customer’s business operations by enhancing all the components of the digital ecosystem, including Networks,Devices and Platforms, Content, Services and Applications, Billing and Payment and Data and Analytics.The company has introduced strategic content, services and solutions thatshow their deep focus and commitment in bringing the digital economy to the emerging markets of South East Asia. Aaron Lee, CEO, iSentric says, “The landscape will continue to evolve and experience explosive growth. With our geographical reach, technical expertise, and ‘mobile-first’ culture, we are well poised to deliver superlative mobile experiences to the ASEAN market.”

iSentric ensures that the mobile solutions and services they provide not only develop consumer facing mobile applications but also empower their customers to perform self-service transactions on the go.

The company ensures that the mobile solutions and services they provide not only develop consumer facing mobile applications but also empower their customers to perform self-service transactions on the go.These technical solutions help rapidly target and build applications for all platforms and
integrate mobile applications to various third-party and backend systems thus ensuring rapid time-to-market.

The company is investing in an enterprise messaging platform so that enterprises can target customers based on location and prompt them with targeted messages. This will be a great answer to the needs of user engagement, providing avenues for enterprises to engage and interact with customers in a meaningful manner and ensure more loyalty. Another area that holds the most potential and is already registering success is iSentric’s Mobile App Development platform. The platform uses standards-based technologies that virtually eliminate the use of code translation, proprietary interpreters and unpopular scripting languages. Using this platform, enterprises can reap tremendous benefits in mobile application management and discover best practices. (iSentric has developed enterprise mobile applications such as mobile banking, mobile promotion, and mobile customer service for many large enterprises.)

The company is currently valued at upwards of RM30 million, and is one of the trusted firms across the APAC region. The founders of iSentric- Aaron Lee, CEO and Roy Ng, CTO are known and reputed mobility leaders in the industry. The company’s mobile capabilities and leadership have helped them achieve several awards from Ernst and Young Malaysia, Maxis Mobile, Celcom, the Malaysia-Canada Business Council, MSC Malaysia and SME Corporation Malaysia. Moving forward the company is developing technical and operational infrastructures utilizing mobility technologies to facilitate the growth of Mobile Wallet in South East Asia. Aaron signs off by saying, “The vision is to continuously develop and create mobile experiences that transform brands, grow business, and enchant customers.”