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25 Most Promising Enterprise Mobility Solution Providers

RsalesArm,Tune'em: The Provider of New Generation Enterprise Mobility Solution

Today, India is second in the world, having maximum number of mobile phone users. The high-end smart phone market grew by 300 percent with more than one million rural users accessing the internet through data connections on their mobile phones. The average Indian users spend more than 100-120 minutes on social media platforms and 77 percent access these on mobiles, the story is not different globally. The team of L Sundarrajan & H Ganapathi, along with a bunch of millennials quit their corporate career and decided to focus on building enterprise mobile solutions.
RSalesArm team hit the market in 2011 and the first year was devoted to understand the mobility requirements of the enterprises of the future.They realized that across enterprises the millennial generation is taking center stage with different expectation of accelerated responsibility and paths to leadership. It became imperative for multinational corporations to take the digital leap.RSalesArm therefore focused on the enterprise SMAC space.Sundarrajan adds “Our solution engages the entire organization in redesigning the customer experience with an architecture which combines top-down evaluations and bottom up data-driven analysis. This requires shifting from silo based to crossfunctional approaches, and changing from a touch-point to a journey orientation, around customers.”

RSalesArm is continuing to invest in the solution framewok which is currently device, premise,connectivity and content agnostic and has multi-lingual capability,both on desktop and mobile

RSalesArm solutions which are in use at customers place for more than three years include – Sales Force Automation, events management, customer registration and activation, collections. This coupled with their flagship solution Tune’em – a learning, communication and engagement solution helps enterprises by up-skilling and engaging with their large disbursed set of employees and channel partners in a collaborative manner.
Mr. Shashank Joshi, Managing Director of Money on Mobile (a mobile payments company) compliments the Tune'em team saying, "Tune'em enabled us to get visibility of our business and reach at national level with the click on the mobile, The Tune'em team brought in the wisdom and engagement which was so critical in terms of mind share which to me was an added bonus."

Anjan Bhowmick, Director, Human Resources, Europe, Middle East & Africa (EMEA) Region, The Hershey Company elucidates, “Tune’em acted as the digital catalyst to translate our objective of up-skilling the sales network to a new paradigm of selling, resulting in business growth of premium brands.” H Ganapathi adds, “Our diverse and in-depth domain expertise with the understanding of execution challenges helped us effectively architecture our solution to give enterprises a competitive edge in the market place.” RSalesArm is continuing to invest in the solution framework which is currently device, premise, connectivity and content agnostic & has multi-lingual capability, both on desktop and mobile.This multilingual solution has been rolled out in a telecom major and financial services company.The user base currently is closed to a hundred thousand. The solution roadmap includes plug-ins for IoT and text based analytics.

“Our revenues have grown by 50% YoY. We have an ambitions road map. Additionally, there has been a pull from other industry segments like education,” says H Ganapathi. In conclusion, having worked in the corporate world for several years, the team feels they want to give back to the society through this initiative and what better way than Education,Learning and development of people.