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25 Most Promising Enterprise Mobility Solution Providers

SIMPLR Solutions: Delivering Mobility throughTransperency

The proliferation of high-end mobile devices and mobile-related technologies in today’s market has created a huge platform for the mobile sector. This has directly put the spotlight on enterprise mobility solutions providers who are the bread and butter of the mobile industry. The support of the enterprise mobility sector enables mobile enterprises to create a line of communication with their employees and clients. SIMPLR Solutions is a company that was conceived to serve this end keeping in mind the core factors of ‘ease of use’ and transparency which are essential to run businesses in the mobile industry. The brain-child of entrepreneur and technical expert duo- Ramas and Ram, SIMPLR was started in 2012 with the aim of enabling the field force of enterprises with the tools required to fulfil their primary work objectives effectively. “Companies with people out on the field – sales force, service engineers, merchandisers, market survey folks need a mechanism to track the activities of their staff and provide them the productivity tool to ensure they perform their daily tasks efficiently.,” says Ram, a Founder member and Director of SIMPLR.

SIMPLR’s deep domain knowledge in the FCGM and CPG verticals has aided greatly in the company’s overall success as a provider of enterprise mobility solutions.

Starting out with their flagship solutions for mobility sales and warehousing which have been around for almost 8 years now, SIMPLR has been successful in adapting itself with the changing landscape of the mobile industry in the same time frame. Over the years, SIMPLR developed its own suite of applications encompassing three major applications dubbed SIMPLR SALES, SIMPLR WMS and SIMPLR SMART NODES to fulfil all the service requirements of an enterprise. The application suite in the possession of the field force aids in the mitigation of delays and errors in the work processes. Catering mainly to the Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FCGM), Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG), Food Distribution, and Pharmaceutical verticals, SIMPLR’s applications focus on route planning, stock-taking, and merchandising, credit checks, promotion and campaign management, selling, invoicing and delivery. The SIMPLR sales application is also designed to aid clients in competitor information capturing, and market surveys.
All SIMPLR solutions are available on
multiple platforms including Android, iOS and Windows, and enable the supervisor to keep track of the status of the work and the performance of the workforce.

Based out of Singapore, SIMPLR’s establishment was largely confined to the country till Ashish a supply chain stalwart joined the team in 2013 as the advisor and started expanding the company’s area of influence. SIMPLR now has a global clientele comprising of many companies that speacilise in the verticals that SIMPLR caters to. SIMPLR’s deep domain knowledge in the FCGM and CPG verticals has aided greatly in the company’s overall success as a provider of enterprise mobility solutions. “SIMPLR has cemented itself in this vertical simply by changing the engagement approach with customers from just automating a process to clearly showing business value and benefits,”reiterates Ram. The flexibility that clients find in SIMPLR’s solutions – that they are supported on multiple platforms and work across devices such as smartphones, tabs and rugged handlehelds – also creates great appeal for them.

SIMPLR WMS, the second application in the suite after SIMPLR SALES focuses on automation and optimization of warehousing and adds efficiency to the work process. The third application in the suite, SIMPLR SMART NODES, focuses on providing data gathered from a multi-echelon distribution network. The suite applications can work independently or coupled together to equip the enterprises to conduct their business ventures efficiently.

Having established itself as a global provider of EMM in the niche verticals it caters to, SIMPLR has an assertive outlook about its future given the fact that these verticals are bound to flourish in developing countries in the years to come. SIMPLR now seeks to take its business to the West and hopes to see a YOY growth of 150 to 200 percent.