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25 Most Promising Enterprise Mobility Solution Providers

U&Me Communication: Organizing the Healthcare Industry through Enterprise Mobility

In a world sprawling with organizations that strive to satisfy every possible need of the human machine it becomes imperative for companies to possess a system that enables them to enhance their operational potency whilst minimizing all the negative aspects that entwine the business world. To this end enterprise mobility management offers the panacea that can solve all the woes of the enterprise. The ascent of this technology has revolutionized the world of enterprise, creating avenues for advancements in all the sectors it encompasses and the providers of this service have come with a multitude of innovations that have aided various enterprises to a great extent. U&Me Communications is one such company that renders Enterprise Mobility services to the healthcare sector. The brainchild of Srinivas Oddati, a tech virtuoso, U&Me was conceived to alleviate the security hazards and various other hassles that engulf the business world while creating an avenue for a new era of communication.

The various incentives offered by U&ME through their messenger applications aid hospitals and healthcare institutions to a great extent

Based out of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, U&Me started off with one of Oddati’s technological masterpieces dubbed U&Me plus, a 256-bit encrypted messaging application which is ISO 19000, 20000, 27000 MQTT and HIPAA compliant. U&ME plus offers a consolidated messaging application that incorporates several addons which enable organizations to communicate effectively through a secure platform that almost impossible to infiltrate.The application also enables the transfer of files of all formats up to a size of 100 MB. The white labelling option enables enterprises to maintain their brand identity through the application. U&Me plus’s compatibility with all web,
desktop and mobile OS platforms make it more effective and easy to dispense amongst employees for the enterprises. It’s easy to bear 1$ per annum subscription fee and easy deployment among app stores and largely compatibility to various other software from APIs to SAP sweetens the deal even more for companies seeking to use this application.

U&Me through their messenger applications aid hospitals and healthcare institutions to a great extent. Financially backed by Technologies Group in Malaysia and Private Equity Group in Australia, U&Me is able to constantly update its existent infrastructure while also coming up with newer technologies and applications. The company’s entire application infrastructure has been outsourced to a globally recognized data centre to eliminate the chances of data leakage and security breaches which could incur huge losses to all partner organizations. The support offered by a highly certified team of professionals U&Me is able to constantly maintain and update its technology and offer various other support services to organizations that require them.

U&ME Plus’ easy to use interface along with the multitude of features it offers have earned the company many awards in the past couple of years including the Invention & Innovation Award from Malaysian Association of Research Scientists’ and ‘Best Enterprise Mobile Communication App Award, by IGMASA India’. U&Me has also released a whole plethora of features which include VoIP calling, Audio- Video conferencing, e-Commerce and Payment Gateway in its products in the past year.