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25 Most Promising Enterprise Mobility Solution Providers

Vertical Software Asia: Seamlessly Implementing Mobility Strategy

In today’s demanding market it is critical for organizations to streamlinetheir business operations so as to gain efficiency and avoid delays or errors of any kind. Having identified this need, Alex Goh, Shaun Tan and Henry Syahputra who had already implemented numerous ERP projects through MSC Consulting (S) Pte Ltd,founded Vertical Software Asia, an enterprise mobility solution enabler with their flagship product named eMOBIQ. “Our focus has always been to help customers streamline their operations further. That was where we created our Mobile Enterprise Application Platform called eMOBIQ followed by our Digital Company Stamp callediSTAMPZ, which enables users to be able to truly embrace the vision of going fully paperless,” adds Alex Goh, MD, Vertical Software. The company has a vision to spearhead the industry through its innovative yet value added services. With an exclusive focus to help customers maximize operating efficiency and achieve success in the mobility market, the company was founded in 2014.

eMOBIQ is a powerful application, which helps users in creating backend-linked applications for the mobile without any coding. The focus of the platform is to help users achieve their mobility vision much faster. They will be able to increase the amount of applications that they can build as their business processes evolve and mature. The real test in today’s market is to develop creative applications that enhance user experience. This is where eMOBIQ makes itself relevant. It ensures an intuitive user experience is available on any mobile device, such as smartphones and tablets.
Along with eMOBIQ, another important product that finds a special mention in the organization’s roster of products isiSTAMPZ, a product innovation showcased as the digital company stamp.Adept with the ability to revolutionize digital communication, iSTAMPZ ignites new ideas and approaches in processing business reports and documents from any source.The importance of iSTAMPZ in terms of saving cost and time by allowing companies to go fully paperless has broadenedthe use of CRM and ERP solutions.

Vertical Software utilizes eMOBIQ by integrating it with iSTAMPZ that provides an advanced system to develop and deploy enterprise mobility apps.

Users gain the advantage of accessing information stored inCRM, ERP or other digital storage spacewith great ease and at any given time.

iSTAMPZ is designed to be used across several industry verticals such as logistics & distribution, Insurance, trading and other professional services. iSTAMPZcan track business necessary documents instantlyupon using company stamp. Hence, it helps to increase the speed of decisionmaking for managers and at the same time recreates an efficient business process and improves quality.

The company utilizes eMOBIQ by integrating it with iSTAMPZthat provides an advanced system to develop and deploy enterprise mobility apps. The combination of the innovative mobile application, eMOBIQ and the digital company stamp, iSTAMPZ significantly accelerates the customers’ investments in the enterprise mobility space.

In the upcoming years, the company’s mobile platforms and product innovation will continue to provide a wide array of solutions. The main hindrance to an effective mobile application development is cost and time limits, and the company is determined to fuela customer’s mobile experience through its business mobility offerings. Alex Goh explains profoundly, “Our entire process of development of an enterprise application from connector usage to page design, everything is codeless. That is how we differentiate ourselves from other platforms in the market.” The company through its enterprise mobile platforms has worked to negate mobility challenges and create services that enable business to fulfill customer’s quality standards.